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Compliance and enforcement

Council's environmental compliance function involves investigating and resolving breaches of legislation, ensuring public safety and reducing environmental harm, while Operating in accordance with Council's compliance policy.

Key compliance and enforcement activities include:

  • Investigation and resolution of unauthorised activities and compliance matters associated with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Local Government Act 1993, Impounding Act 1993, Roads Act 1993, Noxious Weeds Act 1993 and the Swimming Pools Act 1992 legislation;
  • Issuing Notices,Orders and Fines where appropriate;
  • Co-ordination  and commencement of legal proceedings, where appropriate.

Council maintains a register of Orders and Notices that have been issued in the Eurobodalla as required under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, 2009. The register is updated regularly and shows Orders and Notices issued in the current 2016-17 Financial Year. Orders and Notices issued in previous years are available on request.

If you are unsure of any issues involving compliance, Development Applications or Building Certificates please contact us:

Development and building

Find out about development applications and types of development (including development that you can do without consent) on:

Council Rangers

Eurobodalla Shire Council Rangers are responsible for investigating complaints and enforcing legislation throughout Eurobodalla, to enhance our natural environment and protect our way of life.

Our rangers have delegated authority to enforce council policy, and their duties include investigating or enforcing:

  • companion animal management and dangerous dogs
  • noise complaints
  • stock control
  • abandoned articles
  • illegal trading and street vending
  • parking
  • illegal dumping and litter control
  • tree preservation and pollution
  • overgrown or untidy properties

You can contact a Council Ranger, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm by phoning our Customer Service Centre on 02 4474 1000.

Once issued, Council cannot overturn fines. If you have received a fine from a Council Ranger that you wish to challenge, please phone the State Debt Recovery Office on 1300 138 118 or find out more on the State Debt Recovery Office website.

Invasive Species

Eurobodalla Shire Council is required to carry out compliance and enforcement activities under the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 to protect biodiversity, agriculture and human and animal health.

The main functions of the Noxious Weeds Officers are to:

  • inspect private property for the presence of noxious weeds
  • provide education, advice and extension services for the control of noxious weeds
  • issue notices and fines where appropriate
  • coordinate legal action where appropriate.

Find out more about invasive species in Eurobodalla on our invasive plants and animals pages.