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Water quality

Drinking water and water that comes into contact with people should be safe to use. Water also needs to be available in sufficient quantity so that it promotes good health and hygiene.

Council regularly tests and monitors water supplies in the shire to ensure community health and safety. Numerous programs  are in place which include source water monitoring, reticulated water supply monitoring, estuary health and recycled water monitoring, as seen below:

  • Drinking water quality - Council is  involved in drinking water quality monitoring programs to ensure the availability and adequate supply of water for drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene.
  • Source Water -  Eurobodalla's drinking water supply is sourced from Moruya River, Buckenboura River and Deep Creek Dam through the Northern Water Treatment Plant , located at Denham's Beach, supplying the North of the Shire, from Tuross to Longbeach. Tuross River Bores provide water to the Southern Water Treatment Plan which is located west of Bodalla. The Southern Water Treatment plant provides water to the shire from Bodalla to Central Tilba.
  • Recreational water quality - where lakes, dams, rivers, streams and beaches/ocean may be used for recreational purposes.
  • Swimming pools and spa pools water quality -   council inspects public pools and spas to ensure water quality and surrounds meet the relevant guidelines
  • Household water quality -  ensure  guidelines are met for waste water and sewage to safely reuse waste water for toilet flushing, clothes washing, general household cleaning, fire fighting, garden watering and car washing.

Water quality is monitored in line with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines  and the ANZECC Water Quality Guidelines.

Water hardness levels and your kitchen appliances

Water 'hardness' is often referred to in operating manuals for household appliances such as dishwashers and kettles. This term refers to the concentration of calcium and magnesium salts in the water, which can attach to surfaces and cause a hard, flaky scale.

In Eurobodalla our water is considered soft with levels of salts being relatively low in the water with an average of 60mg/L of CaCo₃, so softeners are not required for household appliances.

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