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Water Restrictions

Current Water Restrictions for Householders

We enjoy a healthy water supply in this shire most of the time, however, there are times when the lack of rainfall and even drought conditions reduces river flows and the level of our backup water storage in Deep Creek Dam.

The shire’s water levels are monitored continuously and when it becomes evident that our supply is getting closer to the trigger level for introducing water restrictions (the water level in Deep Creek Dam and the river flows are falling), appropriate water restrictions are introduced for all users across the shire as determined by our Water Restrictions Policy (PDF)

The public is advised of any change in water restrictions via print, radio and social media, Council newsletters, signage throughout the shire and via this web page. Water Restrictions are enforceable and are applicable to all water users in the shire, including visitors and industry.

Water restrictions have been implemented a number of times over the years to ensure a consistent supply. A set of permanent water conservation measures were introduced in 2007 to firstly educate water users on the importance of being water wise and to also reduce wasteful water practices. Since introducing these water-saving practices the shire’s water consumption has been significantly reduced on an enduring basis.

The permanent water conservation measures currently in force in the shire are as follows:

Watering Times Council recommends no hosing between 10am - 5pm daily
Sprinklers No fixed sprinklers, mirco-spray, drip irrigation systems nor unattended hoses between 10am - 5pm daily
Lawns and new turf No watering between 10am - 5pm daily
Washing Vehicles Private cars, trucks, boats and motor flushing to be cleaned on grass areas where possible, using buckets and a final rinse with a trigger nozzle hose at any time
Driveways, paths, parking areas Not to be hosed down. Exceptions: if cleaning is required as a result of accidents, removal of algae growth, moss, etc, or prior to cleaning or painting
Pool and Spas New and existing private swimming pools and external spas should be covered when not in use

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