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Development control plan review

Please Note

Due to the weather, the Congo community information session has been postponed to
Thursday 16 February 2017
Congo Playground, Congo

Council is reviewing some of the development control plans (DCPs) that apply to land in Eurobodalla Shire.

As part of the review, Council is asking the community to share its vision for Mogo, Congo and Mystery Bay. Feedback will be considered to ensure development meets the community’s expectations.

DCPs are documents that provide planning and building design guidelines for new development or alterations to existing development. They are used by applicants preparing a Development Application and the Council staff who assess them. DCPs describe criteria (controls) that development should meet such as building styles, materials used and appropriate locations for development.

The review will focus on the following DCPs:

The Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan (LEP) guides and regulates development, for example through land use zoning and minimum lot sizes.

The DCP review could result in proposed changes to DCPs, Council Codes or the LEP. If changes are proposed to DCPs or the LEP, they will be publicly exhibited and the community will have the opportunity to comment on them. The community can influence planning controls, however Council decides what is adopted.

Mystery Bay
Mystery Bay