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Buy local at Art on the Path

Tuesday 2 January 2018

As a community many of us have adopted the idea of buying locally-grown food. We value the quality, reduced carbon miles and having the opportunity to talk to the person who grew it. We understand buying local food is better; so why don’t we make these choices when it comes to our everyday items?

People often consider where their food is grown and made, however what their shampoo is made from, or what country it is made in, doesn’t raise a second thought.

“We think about carbon miles of food, and value Australian standards, but when it comes to everyday products, we tend to turn to the most convenient option,” Council’s Environmental Education Officer Bernadette Davis says.

“Buying local can be convenient too. There a range of everyday items made right here in Eurobodalla, from clothes, furniture and household items, right through to soaps and shampoo.”

Buying locally-made items reduces carbon miles, allows us to know more of its story and make ethical and sustainable choices.

“Buying a locally-produced surfboard for example, will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your board, as 30 per cent of a surfboard’s carbon footprint is in the shipping or transportation,” Bernadette said.

“You can also practise sustainability through longevity - don’t buy into the throw-away society where you need to get something new every six months.

“Through buying locally you’ll not only get quality, hand-made products, you're also supporting local jobs and Eurobodalla’s economy.”

Local makers and creators will showcase their products this Sunday at Broulee’s Art on the Path market.

“If you want to find out more about how to become more sustainable in your everyday life, come along to Art on the Path and chat to Council’s environment team about what is happening in your local area,” Bernadette said.

“You will find locally-made shampoos and conditioners, as well as sustainably-made homewares, art, jewellery, furniture and more.

“You can also talk to a local surfboard shaper about why he uses recycled components in his surfboards and fins.”

Art on the Path is held on the shared pathway on Coronation Drive, Broulee, opposite the general store, from 8am to 12pm.  Bring your own coffee mug to help reduce our waste on the day.