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Creek odours due to natural processes

Thursday 11 January 2018

Eurobodalla residents noticing rotten egg gas smells around local creeks in recent weeks can be assured this is a temporary and natural phenomenon.

Eurobodalla Council says the odour generally occurs at least annually due to natural processes within small creeks and lagoons, and is generally worse throughout the warmer months.

Residents around Hanging Rock, Wimbie Beach and Kianga are reporting strong smells at the moment.

Council says these small creeks and lagoons experience a high level of nutrients and other organic pollutants from stormwater inflows such as litter and oil, and at times kelp that is washed in by heavy seas.

When these small waterways don’t have the aerobic conditions (oxygen) needed to process the added nutrients, chemical reactions produced by bacteria can generate the smelly hydrogen sulphide or ‘rotten egg’ gas.

Council has tested the water and investigated the manholes and sewer lines and found no sewage spills or system failures around the creeks and lagoons.

The smell can be a nuisance but Council assures residents it is unlikely to cause health problems in open environments.

It is entirely natural and temporary, and one of the few downsides of living in close proximity to our beautiful waterways.