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Delivery Program and Operational Plan

This plan combines Council's Delivery Program 2013–17, Operational Plan and Budget 2016–17. Together they show how Council will contribute to delivering on community goals and objectives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan – One Community.

To better link these documents, the Delivery Program is structured by the four focus areas of the Community Strategic Plan;

  • Liveable
  • Sustainable
  • Productive
  • Collaborative

The Delivery Program 2013-17 sets out activities that Council will complete in a four year period which is aligned to a Council term, along with measures to track our progress in achieving the activities.

The Operational Plan 2016-17 shows services, key projects and capital works that Council will deliver in the year and also includes;

  • Budget for 2016-17 shows income, expenditure and capital programs
  • Information on rates for 2016-17
  • Fees and charges for 2016-17

Current adopted plan


More information

For more information please contact our Community Planning Coordinator Lane Tucker: