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Managing Community Land

Plans of management

A plan of management outlines how Council manages community land. They can apply to specific parcels of land or to generic types of land, for example, sportsgrounds. The Local Government Act 1993 requires plans of management for Council-owned community land.
We are also responsible for producing plans of management for 114 Crown reserves. This is set out in the Crown Land Management Act 2016, which came into force on 1 July 2018.


Masterplans form part of a plan of management. They are landscape and infrastracture designs for open spaces and parcels of land.
Masterplans set out an action plan that balances the needs of the community and Council. They are valuable tools for prioritising improvements and upgrades and seeking grant funding.

Related documents

Recreation and Open Space Strategy (The ROSS)

The ROSS, is a 10 year strategy that, as the name suggests, governs parks, reserves and sports grounds. It sets clear priorities and actions for developing and managing these resources.
The ROSS came into effect in February 2018.

Companion Animal Management Plan

The Companion Animal Management Plan, provides information about visiting parks and open spaces a pet. Read it together with the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Tree Risk Management

Council’s policy for managing trees on public land aims to balance safety risks against the benefit trees provide.