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Class 1 Contracts

A-Z list of Class 1 Contracts. Click on the contract name for more details.

Description / link Commencement date Tender Number
Cleaning of Council's Administration Building 01/12/16 2017/ISD008
Cleaning of Public Facilities (toilets) 1/07/2018 2018/ISD030
Cleaning of Public Facilities (toilets) 1/07/2018 2018/ISD030
Construction of extension to Moruya Library 8/05/2018 2018/ISD026
Construction of Pressure Sewer & Water Trunk Mains TBA 2018/ISD042
Corporate Software and Implementation Services 01/11/16 2016/FBD079
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Measures 03/02/17 2015/PLS028
Landfill Gas Extraction and Destruction Systems 20/01/17 NSW10007751
Management of Batemans Bay Beach Resort 01/07/17 2017/FBD059
Management of Shire Swimming Pools 01/07/17 2017/CAR055
Professional Services Panel 1/11/2018 2019/CCD015
Prepare a Flood risk management study and plan 4/07/2018 2018/PLS019
Prepare a Flood risk management study and plan for coastal inlets 4/07/2018 2018/PLS028
Professional Ecological Advice and Services 15/12/16 2017/ISD020
Provision of Bushland Management Services 01/09/17 2017/PLS033
Provision of Local Legal Services 01/11/17 3/17
Provision of On-Hire Employee Services TBA 2018/ORG049
Provision of Plant Hire 01/07/2018 2018/FBD040
Provision of Trade Services 01/10/17 2017/ISD064
Provision of Training Services Panel 01/04/16 2016/SE001
Provision of Tree Management Services on Council Controlled and Managed Land 01/08/2017 2017/ISD031
Provision Professional Beach Patrol Service Dec 2014 2015/CAR003
Provision Analytical Laboratory Services Mar 2015 2015/PLS014
Sewer rehabilitation and maintenance 12/09/17 2017/ISD047
Supply of Bulk Materials 01/09/17 2017/ISD083
Supply of Concrete 01/09/17 2017/ISD084
Supply and lay asphalt at various locations April 2018 2018/ISD038
Supply of various Trucks, Bodies & Cranes 13th March 2018 2018/FBD025
Water Tanker Support 01/07/2018 2018/FDB048