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Batemans Bay Vision and Growth Project

Batemans Bay is the principal commercial centre in the Eurobodalla Shire and is a key destination for residents and visitors to the area. It is therefore critical that the town functions well, is open for business and is an attractive place to visit.

Help us build a better Batemans Bay

Thank you to everyone who came to our pop-up shop in the Village Centre to talk about a vision for the future of Batemans Bay.

Lots of people contributed to the vision 'word cloud'.  Click on the image below to see what local people want for our town's future.

BB Vision Final Word Cloud.jpg

When we have received all feedback, we will use your ideas to develop a draft vision statement for Batemans Bay, a prospectus to promote investment in town and possible changes to planning controls to facilitate new development.  When we have draft proposals, we will put them on public exhibition for your review and comment.

Be inspired!

Take a look at these architecture student designs for Batemans Bay to inspire and generate your own ideas for how Batemans Bay can be improved.

Monash Uni - Urban Design Studio
Monash Uni - Urban Design Studio

(PDF, 10.6MB)
Foreshore Head
Foreshore Head

(PDF, 11.3MB)
Foreshore North
Foreshore North

(PDF, 10MB)
Water Gardens
Water Gardens

(PDF, 18.5MB)
Town Heart
Town Heart

(PDF, 34.1MB)
Town Park
Town Park

(PDF, 21.4MB)
Foreshore South
Foreshore South

(PDF, 14MB)
Leisure Precinct
Leisure Precinct

(PDF, 21MB)

The students' work has not been commissioned by Council and is not endorsed or approved by Council as a formal part of the Batemans Bay Vision and Growth Project.  The work was done as a part of the Monash University Design Studio course, led by Senior Lecturer Markus Jung.  The students visited Batemans Bay in 2016 and their task was to come up with some innovative and inspiring designs for the public spaces in the town.

The students kindly offered to provide their work to Council to display at our community engagement activities.  We hope that their designs inspire and generate a range of ideas for how Batemans Bay can be improved into the future. 

What else is happening?

Review of Building Heights in Batemans Bay Town Centre

In 2015, Council engaged urban designers and architects, XPACE to review the current building height controls in Batemans Bay and to make recommendations for any changes to the controls that may stimulate new development.

The consultants undertook a conceptual analysis of Batemans Bay and an opportunities and constraints assessment.  From this work, recommended changes to the height controls were made and evaluated through a range of tests, including the development of a 'massing model' of the town, streetscape drawings and test site feasibilities.

Bay Town

Council has not yet resolved a position on this report and is keen to hear the communities views before developing any proposals to amend the building height controls.  View the XPACE report here:

Council has also commissioned a report from economic consultants Strategic Economic Solutions to assess the potential economic impact of any increase in building heights in the Batemans Bay town centre.  The report found that increased building heights would provide an important incentive to develop to a high standards, bring new resident and visitor markets to the town and help revitalise and activate Batemans Bay.  View the report (PDF, 590kb)

Batemans Bay Bowling Club and Mackay Park Precinct

Council has commenced planning for the Mackay Park precinct.  Council has identified the preferred development outcomes for the site as:

  • new aquatic and recreation centre
  • arts and cultural facility
  • conference and event space
  • tourist accommodation
  • residential accommodation
  • restaurant and cafes
  • gateway visitor centre, and
  • the integration of existing sporting fields into the future development of the precinct.

Council is working with a Sunset Committee on this project and will be updating the community on the progress of planning for this important precinct soon.  Your ideas and visions for Batemans Bay will feed into this project where relevant. Click here for more information.

Economic Growth and Development Strategy

As part of Council’s Fit for the Future Improvement program, Council is developing an Economic Growth and Development Strategy for Eurobodalla.  The Strategy will include a comprehensive action plan outlining various strategies and actions that all stakeholders, including Council, Government, Business Chambers, local businesses and community members can take to help grow the Eurobodalla economy. A draft Strategy is now on exhibition.  Click here for more information.


On Thursday 1st December 2016, as part of a broader process of stakeholder and community engagement on a Batemans Bay Vision and Growth project, Eurobodalla Shire Council hosted a workshop with local business owners, land owners and community members to commence the development of a shared vision for the area and identify the ways in which this vision can be realised.

A booklet was prepared and provided to the participants prior to the workshop to set the scene for the project.  You can view the workshop booklet at the link below.

The workshop, which was facilitated by engagement consultants, KJA, included the following three sessions:

Out of the workshop, the following key values were identified:

The following key vision statements then emerged from these shared values:

You can download the full workshop report and appendices below.

It is hoped that a final vision for the Batemans Bay town centre will be endorsed by Council and presented as a kind of “prospectus” for Batemans Bay that can be used to encourage investment and guide development and management outcomes.

The vision may also lead to changes to our planning controls for Batemans Bay.  If any changes are proposed in response to the vision, we will undertake further community engagement at that time.