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Flood management

Local councils are responsible for managing flood-prone land in NSW with support from the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, which provides specialist technical knowledge.

Council is developing a range of floodplain risk management studies that will help us consider the consequences of living on flood prone land. The plans aim to minimise the losses to our community from flooding.

Get involved

We are currently working on a flood study for Batemans Bay urban areas, and floodplain risk management study and plan for some Narooma areas.

Council is eager to hear from anyone who has historical information on floods in the study areas. Interested community members can come to a drop in session to talk with Council staff or complete a short online survey before 30 November 2018.

Adopted flood studies

A flood study is a technical project that identifies flood behaviour such as depth, velocity and extent across the floodplain. It includes using historical data from past flood events to calibrate a model that will estimate flood risk from a range of rainfall events.

Preparing a flood study is the first step in the floodplain risk management process outlined in the NSW Floodplain Development Manual 2005.

A flood study does not propose any actions to manage flood behaviour. This occurs in the Flood Risk Management Study and Flood Risk Management Plan stages of the process.

Revised Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan

The Revised Wharf Road Coastal Zone Management Plan was adopted on 23 May 2017. This plan was prepared in accordance with the NSW Coastal Protection Act 1979 and, as such, was forwarded to the Minister for Planning and Environment for final certification.

Coastal Hazard Scoping Study

The Coastal Hazard Scoping Study was adopted in January 2011. It identifies areas that are most at risk from coastal hazards and in need of a management response in the Coastal Management Program.

Moruya Floodplain Management Plan

The Floodplain Management Plan and Climate Change assessment for the Moruya River was adopted on 23 November 2004. The Climate Change assessment component includes mapping on the extent of flooding in Moruya.