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Information for property owners

What are the key benefits to you as a property owner?

  • Stimulating business and activity in and around your building will contribute to a more desirable neighbourhood and will help to attract longer-term prospects. It is hard to lease an empty, boarded-up space.  Experience from Renew Newcastle show this.
  • Your building is being looked after and used. This will help minimise crime, graffiti and vandalism of your property.
  • Renew Australia takes care of and pay for basic maintenance. They also provide Public Liability Insurance, basic property insurance (glass repair) and utilities (electricity and water use).
  • You may receive tax and insurance benefits for you, depending on your circumstances.
  • The agreements are license agreements (essentially direct contracts) rather than leases to ensure that they are as tax and hassle friendly as possible to the property owner
  • 30 day rolling licenses to occupy mean  when you secure a  permanent tenant, the Renew client has 30 days to vacate the space.

Do property owners choose the projects participants?

Renew Australia, in partnership with Eurobodalla Shire Council, will run an Expression of Interest (EOI) to call for project participants who have a suitable creative project to run in your empty space. Property owners will be presented with a short list of project potentials and will have the final say on what happens within their property. This project is about trying creative ideas and stimulating our commercial zones; once a project needs security, they need to take a commercial lease.

How do you get involved?

Staff from Renew Australia will visit Eurobodalla to meet directly with property owners and/or their representing agents. This time will be used to talk through the opportunities and licence  arrangements. This time will also be used to look through properties and answer any questions.

To book a meeting with a Renew Australia consultant, or if you have any further questions, please contact

Sarah Cooper, Industry and Employmen Manager on 4474 1271 or email