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Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy Project

Start: Late 2017

Expected completion: Late 2019

The Australian Government is helping deliver this project through a grant under the Building Better Regions Fund that matches Council’s funding commitment.



Wayfinding is how people find their way around a place. Cues that help people find their way include clear and concise information signs, and elements such as landmarks and public art.

The Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy Project aims to improve how visitors are guided through Eurobodalla to find the diverse experiences, attractions and services that we offer.

Effective tourism signage creates visitor–friendly destinations and supports the tourism brand and marketing. It is one method visitors can use to learn about a destination and find their way around that also includes websites, printed materials and visitor information centres. Improving wayfinding and signage is expected to have flow on economic benefits through increased tourism as our visitors discover more reasons to stay longer.

This project aligns with Strategy 10.8 of the Eurobodalla Destination Management Plan; ‘Prepare a whole of destination integrated signage strategy that: establishes distinctive and innovative signage and visitor information displays at key tourism attractions; key transport hubs & gateway locations; supports visitors; and promotes diversity of experiences within the destination’.

Council engaged consultants with experience in tourism signage to help prepare a tourism wayfinding and signage. The Strategy provides a framework for Council to make decisions on the location and style of future tourism signage to enhance wayfinding in Eurobodalla. It includes principles and guidelines to help choose the right signage for particular circumstances, for locating signs and for further development of signage policies and processes to implement the Strategy.

A design and style guide will be developed for a hierarchy of destination signage, and a pilot roll out of tourism signage will be installed, in 2019 as part of this project.

Community engagement

In May 2018, Council invited people who live, visit, work or run a business in Eurobodalla to tell us what they think works well and what could be improved, as well as share ideas about signage and wayfinding elements in Eurobodalla.

25 participants attended four stakeholder workshops, and 60 people completed an online survey about tourism signage during May 2018.

A draft Eurobodalla Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy was on exhibition from 26 September to 31 October. Feedback received from the community during the public exhibition period was considered before adopting the Strategy at the 11 December 2018 Council meeting.

Consultation regarding the design and style of destination signage will continue in early 2019.


Tourism is Eurobodalla’s largest industry. The visitor economy is worth in excess of $370 million per annum and supports around 3,686 jobs or 25% of the workforce. The popularity of the region as a major tourist destination means effective tourism wayfinding and signage is important to encourage visitors to stop and stay in Eurobodalla. Individuals, and business and tourism related groups request a variety of tourism signage that helps guide visitors so Council is undertaking this project to support a consistent approach to choosing and delivering appropriate signage across the shire.

Economic benefits of an effective a tourism wayfinding and signage strategy include:

  • improved visibility of key locations
  • increase in tourism related business
  • increase in overnight stays
  • improved reputation as a tourist destination
  • increased awareness of tourism experiences and opportunities during peak and off peak times.

How is the strategy being developed?

Council engaged a specialist consultancy with experience in wayfinding and signage to prepare a Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy. The Strategy includes a framework for deciding the location and style of different types of wayfinding and signs. A design and style guide is being developed for a hierarchy of destination signage that reflects the principles and guidelines in the Strategy.

Council is currently developing the strategy.

  1. Identify opportunities:
    A site analysis of Eurobodalla’s current signage was completed in late 2017 and early 2018 to help identify some of the opportunities and constraints of existing wayfinding and signage in Eurobodalla.
  2. Develop a tourism wayfinding and signage strategy:
    A Strategy was prepared using results from the site analysis and feedback. Council placed the draft Strategy on public exhibition and sought feedback from community members between 26 September and 31 October 2018.
    Feedback was considered by Council before adopting it on at the Council meeting on 11 December 2018.

    The design and style guide, for destination signage such as town entry signs, will be prepared to align with the results of the Tourism Brand Review.
  3. Implementation:
    The recommendations and priorities in the adopted Strategy will be implemented as part of our infrastructure delivery and maintenance programs, and as funding becomes available. A pilot roll out of signage will also be delivered in 2019 as part of this project.

More information

For more information about the Eurobodalla Tourism Wayfinding and Signage Strategy Project, please contact Angie Radford Strategic Planning Officer (Environment)