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Rural Lands Strategy

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 23 February 2016, Council adopted the Rural Lands Strategy.

Latest news

April 2018: The NSW Government has confirmed that Council can place the Rural Lands Planning Proposal on public exhibition for community members to view and give feedback.
The Proposal is on exhibition from 9 May to 8 June 2018, and we are providing residents an extra two weeks to review and consider the proposed amendments.


We engaged consultants from Garret Barry and Associates to prepare the strategy. The consultants met with the Rural Lands Strategy Steering Committee in May and July 2015.

The draft Rural Lands Strategy was on public exhibition from 16 October to 27 November 2015.

Policy Directions Paper adopted

Council adopted the Policy Directions Paper on 28 July 2015. Council considered 61 submissions received during the exhibition period as well as suggestions that participants made at the Policy Direction Workshops in June and July 2014.

Policy Directions Workshops

In June and July 2014, we held a series of Policy Directions Workshops with rural landowners and other interested community members. The workshops were independently facilitated by Mr Danny Wiggins, an experienced planner, educator and facilitator.

You can read an overview of the workshops that Mr Wiggins prepared, and information about how the draft Policy Directions Paper responds to the suggestions raised at the workshops:

Rural Opportunities and Constraints Report

Council considered the Rural Opportunities and Constraints Report and Maps at the Ordinary Meeting held on 27 May 2014.

Review of High Conservation Value Mapping

As part of the Rural Lands Strategy project, in April 2014 we released mapping of high conservation value vegetation in Eurobodalla. We sent a letter to all rural land owners to let them know that this mapping can be viewed and how to request a site inspection to validate the mapping.

So far, six land owners have requested inspections to validate the vegetation on their properties. The Office of Environment and Heritage have performed the site inspections, and changes will now be made to the high conservation value mapping as a result.

Please contact us to request a site inspection to verify the vegetation on your property.

Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Rural Lands Strategy: