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Research and tracking

Research informs the marketing plan and other activities through ongoing analysis and tracking of tourism jobs, expenditure, visitation, visitor behaviour and preferences, market segments, source markets, and industry trends. Research sources are updated throughout the year as new data is released.

The following resources and research have informed the 2016-17 Tourism Marketing Plan. If an external link to the original source document is not available, a PDF download is supplied.


Eurobodalla Snapshot – Year Ending March 2015

Eurobodalla - end of Year - 30 June 2015  full report (1.4MB)

Eurobodalla Tourism – Visitation Trends from the Year Ending September 2015

Tourism Monitor to YE Sept 2015 (1.1MB)

LGA Visitor Profiles – Eurobodalla

Year Ending September 2013 (0.4MB)

Comparative Visitor Data

Comparative Visitor Data (0.3MB)

International Markets

Understanding the New Zealand Market (0.9MB)

Understanding the Singapore Market (1MB)

Consumer Insights – Families and Couples Travel Groups

The Family Market (1.1MB)

The Couples Market (0.5MB)

Market Segments

Caravan and Camping

Caravan and Campervan Data Report 2015 (6.5MB)

Economic Benefit Report – Commercial and Non-Commercial Camper Spend Patterns (1.7MB)

Economic Benefit of a Commercial Caravan Holiday Park to a Local Community (1.0MB)

RV Production Statistics (0.3MB)

Trends affecting our Industry over the next decade and beyond. Key findings of Caravan and Camping Sector Report (3.9MB)

Impact of Demographic Change on the Future of the Caravan, Camping and Manufactured Housing/Manufactured Home Industry (0.8MB)

Food Tourism

Cultural and Heritage Tourism

Aboriginal Tourism

Event and ConferenceTourism

Estimating the Economic Impacts of Festivals and Events: A Research Guide (0.5MB)

Accessible Tourism

National Park and Marine Park Experiences

Pocket Guide to South Coast National Parks (8.0MB)

Coastal and Aquatic Experiences

Other References

Carmen Cox & Meredith Wray (2011): Best Practice Marketing for Regional Tourism Destinations, Journal
of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 28:5, 524-540 (Copyright)