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Alternatives to Balloon releases


What goes up must come down

Balloons are often used for special occasions such as launches, birthdays, weddings and funerals, but balloons don't stay in the sky forever.

When they eventually come back down to earth, sometimes they land in the sea where they get mistaken for food by birds and marine wildlife. Balloons can block animals' digestive tracts, which can be fatal. Animals can also get tangled in the ribbons and strings, restricting their movement and ability to eat, and cause drowning.

Here are some alternatives to releasing balloons that have less impact on the environment:

  • Blow bubbles! Don't forget to dispose of the plastic receptacles responsibly.
  • Get the kids to try a ribbon dance at their next birthday party.
  • Plant native trees or seeds as a symbol of new beginnings and a gift to the environment.
  • Light a candle to remember a loved one or celebrate a new life.
  • Save your decoration budget and donate to your favourite cause or charity.
  • Hang some bunting or pom poms on your door or gate instead of balloons.
  • Fly streamers, banners or flags and let the wind make them dance.
  • Hold your event in the garden and let the native plants be your decoration.

Restrictions on balloon releases