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Saving water

Water is a precious resource and needs to be used wisely to make sure our Shire continues to have a safe and clean water supply.

Some simple things you can do to save water include:

  • checking your water meter to see if you have any leaks. Find out how to read your meter
  • installing flow restrictors to existing taps and showers, which you can get for free through our showerhead exchange program
  • choosing water efficiency rated appliances and fittings when you are upgrading or replacing old ones.
  • Choosing to have a water-wise garden.

At your home or business

Council provides incentives to local household and business water customers who purchase water saving devices. Businesses are now eligible for water saving rebates on dual flush toilets, washing machines and rainwater tanks up to a cap of $2,000.

If you would like to find out how some businesses in your industry sector saved an average of 30 per cent on their water use during our award-winning Eurobodalla WaterSmart Business Program, phone Council's Sutainability Coordinator on 02 4474 1373 and ask for some of our Business Benchmark fact sheets.

We have benchmarked the hospitality, pubs and clubs, accommodation, holiday and caravan park Industries in Eurobodalla.

For schools

Council offers teachers and students guided education tours of its water and sewer facilities. Come and learn first-hand how we treat and filter water at our state-of-the-art Northern Water Treatment Plant and how we treat and reuse waste water. The tours can be tailored to suit your school's curriculum.

  • To book a water and sewer facilities tour, phone Council's Sustainability Education Officer on 02 4474 1083.

For our community and environment

Australia has one of the highest standards of drinking water so why drink bottled water? Drinking tap water is a better choice for our environment, your wallet and the flora and fauna in our waterways.