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Eurobodalla Employment Revolution

Council has received state and federal grant funding from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as well as NSW Department of Industry to undertake two employment projects in Eurobodalla:

  • The Jobs and Training project aims to connect jobseekers with employment and training opportunities in the fastest growing local employment sector; health and community services. Key fields within the health and community services sector include residential and in-home aged care, disability services, community services and primary and allied health.
  • The Youth Employment project (E-YES) aims to provide young people between 15 and 24 with improved access to skills training and job opportunities to assist them in securing employment.

Together, the Eurobodalla Jobs and Training project and the E-Yes project make up the Eurobodalla Employment Revolution, which aims to:

  • connect job seekers with employment opportunities
  • facilitate career pathway planning
  • provide job readiness training
  • provide information regarding apprenticeships, traineeships, school based apprenticeships and workforce development.

Calling all businesses with a job vacancy

We are calling on businesses in Eurobodalla to support young people with employment opportunities. Get some new energy in your workplace, an insight into a new clientele market and contribute to employing the next generation.

We can help you:

  • list jobs and recruit young people
  • shortlist applicants
  • access training for existing staff
  • access information about incentives for apprentices and trainees
  • get advice on how to grow your business by employing young people.

Have a job vacancy? Complete our employer survey now and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

Calling all young people looking for a job

The E-YES team will be posting job vacancies and training opportunities on our Facebook page. Head over and like, comment and share to spread the word!

We can help you:

  • find a job in Eurobodalla
  • access training
  • develop resume and interview skills
  • plan for your career development.

Ready to find work in Eurobodalla? Complete our Job Seeker survey now and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

Apply for a job

Found a job on our Facebook page and ready to apply? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Have you completed a career quiz? This five minute quiz will highlight your strengths and what industries best suit your personality.
  2. Fill out this one-page pitch, which will be included in your job application. You can use the cheat sheet for this one-page pitch on the Job Jumpstart website
    One-page pitch (229 KB)
  3. Make sure your resume is up to date.
  4. Send your one-page pitch AND your resume to the email specified in the jobs post.

Job and training opportunities

There are two ways to find out about jobs through us:

  • read about job and training opportunities on our Facebook page
  • become a client by emailing us and we will send you entry level job opportunities every week.


Eurobodalla Council’s successful youth employment training scheme will be expanded to businesses shire-wide under a new initiative aiming to tackle youth unemployment.

Branded as ‘Y-Train’, the program will help Eurobodalla businesses employ young people as trainees or apprentices and support them through the process. There are already great financial incentives for local businesses to employ young apprentices and trainees, and Y-Train further sweetens the deal.

Y-Train will be modelled after Council's successful trainee and apprentice program. Local businesses will be supported to recruit new staff, organise registered training providers and prepare existing staff to supervise a young employee.  Businesses can employ trainees and apprentices under the age of 21 and in just about any field under the program, from construction and health and community services to retail, hospitality and tourism.

Businesses have until the end of July to sign up for this free support program. It is expected employment applications will open in early September. For more information, contact Council’s employment and training project coordinator, Rhonnie South:

My Care Career

South Coast Career Colleges have teamed up with Council's Employment Services to help you kick start your health-care career. During this 10 week course you will:

  • experience life as a carer
  • learn what to expect when working in disability, aged care and home and community services
  • be linked to local care providers and mentors for work placement
  • supported into employment.

This is the fastest growing local employment sector, with lots of opportunities for rewarding careers. Upon completion you will receive a Statement of Attainment from Certificate III Individual Support CHC33015. Fee-free places are available for eligible applicants. The course will begin in October 2019 with limited spots available. Head over to South Coast Career Colleges for more information and to book.

Step into Work

South Coast Career Colleges and Council's Employment team have partnered to support young people into employment. We are looking for young people aged 16 to 25 who need a helping hand figuring out what job would suit them. The course focuses on:

  • communication
  • resilience
  • team-work
  • conflict resolution
  • basic IT skills
  • jobs search and interview skills.

Fee-free places are available for eligible applicants. The course will begin in August 2019 and will run for eight weeks. Head over to South Coast Career Colleges for more information and to book.

Be employed in health and community services

The Moruya campus of TAFE NSW are holding an Introduction to Health and Community Services, and Council Employment team are helping! This short course will provide a pathway to several industries, including:

  • aged and disability care
  • community development
  • youth work
  • nursing and allied health.

The Employment team have organised guest speakers from local industries, career and employment information and supports to get a job in Eurobodalla. The course will start on Friday August 9 and will run for 7 weeks. Head over to TAFE NSW for more information and to enrol.

Digital Mentors program

New technology is being developed at an enormous speed. We all know someone who just can’t keep up! This Digital Mentors program is a one day workshop run by Trish Pye from The Tec Exec to give you the resources to mentor others as they learn new digital skills. These skills can be used at work to help others, to start your own business or to support your own family.

The Digital Mentor training day starts at 9:15am, Wednesday 2 October in the Seahorse Room at Narooma Golf Club. There are only 30 spaces available and ongoing support will be provided by Trish and her team. This course would be ideal for:

  • young people who want to mentor others
  • workers in the Community Care and Social Assistance sector who need a helping hand with technology.

For more information about the program or to book, head over the Tech Exec website.

Helpful links

Looking for more information? The following are some helpful websites that can help employers and young people plan for the future:

  • Skillsroad: This website has resources for young people, parents, teachers and employers. Take the Career Quiz, explore industries in the Virtual Workplace, take the Job Fit test or read about Life Hacks for the future.
  • Job Outlook: Job Outlook can help young people find out about future outlook, pay and main tasks of careers they are interested in. The Career Quiz can help you decide what kind of job will suit your personality and skills set. You can even follow the link to job vacancies and courses related to your chosen field of employment.
  • Job Jumpstart: This website can help you find new ways to explore careers and prep for work by reading articles and using the tools provided. The information fits into three themes; looking for a job, building a career and at work.
  • Department of Jobs and Small Business: A comprehensive resource for both employers and job seekers! The website provides information about hiring staff, financial incentives, starting your own business and becoming an apprentice.

Get involved

If you’re a business looking to employ someone, if you’re a young person seeking employment or if you want some career advice, please contact Rhonnie, Amy or Makaela from the Employment Projects team: