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Animals play a positive role in the community's wellbeing and bring pleasure and companionship to many of our residents. Eurobodalla Shire Council balances the needs of pets and their owners with the needs of the wider community through our policies and services.

However, animals such as flying-foxes, roosters, chickens and feral animals can also affect the quality of life of residents if they are not managed adequately.

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For pet owners - dogs and cats

There can be much joy in owning a pet, however there are also responsibilities to consider when caring and looking after them.

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Feral animals

The presence of feral animals such as rabbits, feral pigs and cats impact significantly upon our local biodiversity and agricultural systems.

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Dog-friendly beaches

There are rules in place to make sure that dogs can be responsibly exercised on Eurobodalla Shire beaches.

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Roosters and chickens

Information about keeping roosters and chickens in the backyard and what to do if you experience health or noise related issues.

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Barking dogs

As a dog owner, you are responsible to ensure your dog does not create a nuisance by barking. Here you will also find information about why dogs bark.

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Council has developed a management plan to provide a framework for how we can best support residents affected by flying-foxes.