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Septic and waste water

Onsite sewage management systems (OSMS)

For homes or properties in the shire that are not connected to the reticulated water system (town water and sewage), onsite sewage management systems (OSMS) are used. These include:

  • Septic systems
  • Secondary treatment systems such as aerated water treatment systems
  • Composting toilets.

Onsite sewage management systems involve the treatment of wastewater followed by the release of liquid and solid products into the environment. If not maintained and treated properly there can be serious adverse effects and impacts:

  • Spread of disease, bacteria, virus and pathogens
  • Contamination of groundwater and surface water
  • Degradation of soil and vegetation
  • Unpleasant odours, noise and insects

Making changes to your OSMS

You can download the application forms below to make changes to your OSMS, as well as our On Site Sewage Management Code of Practice, which explains the process and requirements to help you prepare your application to Council.

  • You will need Council approval to install, construct or alter a human waste treatment device.
  • All OSMS are allocated a risk rating which determines the frequency of inspections. When a system is well maintained there is the opportunity to downgrade the risk rating.


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