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Water quality

Council regularly tests and monitors water quality in Eurobodalla Shire to ensure community health and safety. Numerous sampling programs are undertaken which include drinking water supply, recycled water monitoring, beachwatch and estuary health.

Eurobodalla Beachwatch Program

Our Beachwatch Program regularly samples 11 popular beaches to assess water quality across Eurobodalla's swimming locations.

Drinking water quality summaries

Council is involved in drinking water quality monitoring programs to ensure the supply of safe water for drinking.

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Stormwater and your property

Flooding and nuisance from stormwater can sometimes cause issues for neighbouring properties.

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Greywater and your property

Greywater can be useful in the garden, however, it can also contain harmful micro-organisms and contaminants.

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Public pools and spas

Council conducts annual inspections of public swimming pools or spas to ensure they are operating within legislative requirements.

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On-site sewage management systems

OSSMs treat and disperse wastewater and need to be maintained for the protection of public health and the environment.

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Estuary health and water quality monitoring

The Eurobodalla Estuary Ecosystem Health and Water Quality Monitoring Program focuses on the 'estuary health' of our six main estuaries.