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Waste and recycling

Council's waste services provide residents in the domestic collection area with three bins:

  • a red-lidded general waste bin that is collected weekly
  • a yellow-lidded recycling bin collected fortnightly
  • a green-lidded garden organics bin collected fortnightly.

If you live in the domestic collection area, you can take part in the annual kerbside hard waste (junk) collection, and the annual household chemical cleanout to drop off hazardous chemicals for free at our drop-off points.

These downloads include bin pickup days by suburb, and tips about recycling and reducing household waste:

Useful contacts

  • Council: for general waste enquiries, including stolen or damaged bins, or extra bins:
    T: 02 4474 1024
  • SUEZ: for waste and recycling collection, including missed services:
    T: 02 4474 8333
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Council operates three Waste Management Facilities at Surf Beach, Moruya and Brou.

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Household bin collection

Use your three household bins to dispose correctly of waste, recycling, and green materials.

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Annual chemical cleanout

Council provides an annual collection for many household chemicals and items that cannot be accepted at our waste management facilities.

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A - Z of recycling and waste disposal

Unsure what items go where? This table will help you determine the best way to dispose of unwanted items and easily identify what can be recycled or recovered.

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Community Recycling Centre

Not all household waste can go in your kerbside bins. Visit our Community Recycling Centre at Surf Beach Waste Management Facility to drop off problem waste, all year round, for free.

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Hard waste collection

Council provides a free hard waste collection once a year for residential properties using our domestic waste collection service. Hard waste helps residents dispose of bulky items such as whitegoods, garden tools, hot water systems, heaters, furniture, carpet rolls, and other household items too large for your garbage bin.

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Landfill EPA pollution monitoring data

Council monitors all waste and pollutants and regularly reports findings to the EPA for our two waste management facilities that operate under environmental licenses granted by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.

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Throughout the year we carry out a range of projects throughout the year to support waste minimisation, including National Recycling Week, Clean Up Australia Day, and the Garage Sale Trail.

Click to load the page: Frequently asked questions about recycling


Find out what you can put in your household recycling bin, where recycling is processed, and what else you can recycle.

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The Eurobodalla Waste Strategy identifies key actions for waste management and minimisation in the Eurobodalla area.

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Sharps disposal

Drop-off points are available at locations in Eurobodalla for the safe disposal of all sharps.

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Waste management information and publications

View our fact sheets and guides to help you manage and safely dispose of different kinds of waste.