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Sewerage Treatment Plant

Treating sewage in the shire

Council works hard to keep our waters pristine, and having strict procedures for processing the sewage that is created in our homes is vital. Our ‘Tertiary’ sewage treatment system ensures that wastewater to our oceans and rivers is of the highest quality so that marine habitat can thrive, and the water in which we and our visitors swim and play meets national health standards and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines.

Where does it go?

  • Most of the sewage from your homes and businesses in the shire is treated at Council’s Sewage Treatment Plants at Surf Beach, Tomakin, Moruya, Kianga and Bingi (Tuross)
  • The villages of Tilba, Mystery Bay, Potato Point, Bodalla, Congo, Rosedale, Guerilla Bay, South Durras, Nelligen and Nerrigundah have on-site sewage management systems including septic tanks and biocycles
  • Rosedale and Guerilla Bay have recently upgraded to a pressure sewerage system
  • Bodalla is currently in the process of  upgrading to a pressure sewerage system
  • Rural properties also have on-site sewage management systems and manage the disposal of their own wastewater
  • A Reed Bed system processes the effluent from the properties in the Turlinjah township