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Telemetry: monitoring the system

Monitoring our water and sewer assets

With more than $820 million worth of water and sewer assets in the Eurobodalla Shire, it is vital that their performance, power usage and security are monitored regularly.

Council's Telemetry System (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition: SCADA) controls, monitors and reports on all Eurobodalla's water and sewer pump stations, treatment plants, large water meters and valves. SCADA tells us if the network is working properly and efficiently and is secure.

Keeping it secure

All server and client connections are via a secured network that is separate to Council's corporate secure network.

As the Eurobodalla Shire's population and water and sewer needs grow, so will the SCADA Telemetry System.

The Telemetry infrastructure has grown from 32 remote sites with limited monitoring capabilities and one centralised server on a standby arrangement in the 1980s to around 197 remote sites today providing a large amount of data and control of each site that are accessed securely via Council workers' devices in the field, and at a central point in the Moruya administration offices.

This allows Council to monitor remote assets, keep a close eye on the levels of Eurobodalla's reservoirs, and gain a comprehensive overview of the water assets in the shire very quickly and securely.