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Water meter replacement

Water meters are mechanical devices and with age they wear and reduce in accuracy. In most cases, the error will be in favour of the customer as some of the flow passes through the meter undetected due to worn clearances and/or a fouled mechanism, particularly at low flows. We have found that some older meters can read as much as 20% less than a new meter. A customer with an older meter can pay less for the same amount of water consumed as a customer with a new meter which is reading accurately. This is not a question of lost revenue as Council sets the water usage price to recover the long-term running costs of the water supply system, but is a question of equity.

Water meter companies and water utilities have carried out significant sampling and testing to determine the optimum age or usage to prompt replacement.

Since August 2013, Council has been undertaking a water meter replacement program replacing standard 20mm water meters when they reach 10-12 years of age or exceed usage of 5,000 Kilolitres. There are approximately 18,000 water meters in the system and we are replacing about 2000 (including approximately 500 failed meters) per annum. Once the program is complete, replacing water meters at 10-12 years or 5,000 kilolitres will become routine.

There is no charge to you if your property's water meter is replaced as part of this program. New water meters provide accurate readings and quality information about usage. They also make leak detection easier.