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Permanent water conservation measures

Permanent water conservation measures are recommended for all water users on town water to reduce wasteful use and to secure our long-term supply.

These measures apply when water restrictions are not in force.

We ask that residents and visitors:

  • limit outdoor water use to between 5pm and 10am to prevent water loss through evaporation
  • use trigger nozzle hoses
  • avoid washing hard outdoor surfaces such as paths, decks and driveways, except to remove dangerous hazards or prior to painting
  • wash private vehicles and boats on grass using buckets and rinse with a trigger-nozzle hose
  • cover private swimming pools and external spas when not in use

Note: Washing water craft, trailers or vehicles at boat ramps is prohibited at all times

We ask that commercial, industrial and public services:

  • always use trigger-nozzle hoses
  • wash vehicles, boats or other items on grass areas where possible
  • wash hard surface areas and essential areas such as paths, driveways, parking areas only when cleaning up after dangerous spills or removing algae and moss to prevent slips and falls

No specific measures apply but watering between 5pm and 10am is recommended wherever possible for:

  • bowling greens, turf wickets and golf greens
  • sporting grounds
  • commercial market gardens and nurseries

We ask that the following businesses/activities be water wise:

  • public or commercial swimming pools
  • caravan parks, motels and other accommodation houses
  • car yards, public passenger bus services, taxi companies
  • road construction and maintenance services
  • commercial building construction
  • commercial window and building washing

Eurobodalla's water consumption has reduced significantly since introducing these measures in 2007.