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Your water bill

All properties (including vacant land) that are connected to or are within 225 metres of a Council water main must pay water rates and charges.

The standard residential meter must be no larger than 20mm.

Council's water charges structure complies with NSW Government Best Practice Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Guidelines. Under these guidelines, and to be eligible for a government subsidy, Council must have a 'user pays' system, so high-volume water users will pay more than those who use a lower volume of water.

Water access charges

Your annual access charge helps fund construction and maintenance of treatment plants, pumping stations and general operations for Eurobodalla's water supply.

All property owners pay this contribution, including vacant land because the infrastructure is available for when you are ready to build. These charges are included in your rates notice. Your rates notice is sent in July every year, with payments due in November, February and May.

Water usage charges

Your water usage bill is sent in April, August and December each year after your meter has been read. Every drop of water that passes through your meter is charged (this is known as a 'User Pays' system) at a rate of $3.65 per 1000 litres for the 2019/20 billing period.

Paying for your sewage discharge

All properties (including vacant land and those with an Onsite Pressure Sewage System installed by Council) that are connected to OR are within 75 metres of a Council sewer main must pay sewer rates, which are included in your general rates notices sent out in July each year, with payments due in November, February and May.

Residential premises (see previous point) pay an annual access charge, and non-residential premises pay an annual access charge plus a usage charge based on a proportion of their water use.

Sewer usage charges are listed on your water usage account.