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Reseal Schedule for sealed roads

The road reseal program is vital in keeping maintenance costs down, extending the life of the underlying road pavement and minimising more expensive pavement rehabilitation work.  It is also vital from a road safety perspective.

The 2018-19 Operational Plan provides a budget of $1,587,244 for reseals on local urban roads.

The table below presents all local roads and car parks to be resealed with bitumen or asphalt during 2018-19, listed in alphabetic order by town.  Bitumen resurfacing involves an application of bitumen covered by a layer of aggregate. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregate, filler and binder which is mixed, spread and compacted while hot, resulting in a smoother surface.

Reseal schedule 2018-19

Suburb/TownStreet NameDistance
AkoleleBermagui Road         from Wallaga Lake bridge (north for approx 2.5km)         
Batehaven         Bernadette Boulevarde          full length         
Batehaven          Clare Crescent          full length
Batehaven          Corrigan Crescent full length
Batehaven Crag Road (part) north-west section
Batehaven Dominic Drive Paul Place to Joseph Street
Batehaven Edward Road Beach Road and Joseph Street
Batehaven Irene Avenue full length
Batemans Bay Camp Street full length
Batemans Bay South Street Pacific Street to Bavarde Avenue
Broulee Casuarina Lane full length
CatalinaCrosby Drive Curtis Road to Law Lane
Catalina Curtis Road full length
Catalina Heron Road full length
Congo/Bingie Barrington Street full length
Congo/Bingie Bingie Road end of rehabilitated section to Kelly Road
Congo/Bingie Brindabella Street full length
Congo/Bingie Charms Placefull length
Congo/Bingie Congo Road Noads Road east to markings
Congo/Bingie Lancaster Street full length
Dalmeny Dalmeny Drive Barkala Street (south for approx 900m)
Guerilla BayBay Street full length
Kianga Viewhill Road East of Kianga Parade
Lilli Pilli George Bass Drive Denise Drive to Baringa Crescent
Lilli Pilli Grandfathers Gully Road full length
Long Beach Cullendulla Drive Blairs Road to Lucas Road
Long Beach Cullendulla Drive Blairs Road to Kettle Road
Long BeachInnes Placefull length
Maloneys BeachBelbowrie Parade full length
Maloneys BeachBlue Gum Parade full length
Maloneys Beach Bottlebrush Place full length (excluding cul-de-sac)
Maloneys BeachCedar Parade full length
Maloneys Beach Eugenia Place full length (excluding cul-de-sac)
Maloneys BeachExcelsa Courtfull length (excluding cul-de-sac) 
Maloneys Beach Tristiana Parade full length
Maloneys Beach Willow Court full length (excluding cul-de-sac) 
Malua Bay Illabunda Drive Pyang Avenue to Millamurra Street
Malua BayKuppa Avenue full length (excluding cul-de-sac)
Malua BayYugura Street Karoo Crescent to cul-de-sac
Mogo Park Street Church Street to Dhurga Way
MoruyaAraluen Road pump station south to markings
Moruya Araluen Road sealed section north to Larrys Mountain Road
Moruya Araluen Road all sealed bridge approaches to boundary
Moruya Campbell Street Hawdon Street to Shore Street
Moruya Church Street west of Princes Highway to Shore Street
Moruya Fitzroy Street full length
Moruya Flanagan Place full length
Moruya Francis Street Spencer Street to Maluka Avenue
Moruya Turnbulls Lane western section adjacent to water reservoir
Moruya Jeffrey Place full length (excluding cul-de-sac)
Moruya Mountain View Road full length
Moruya River Street Hawdon Street east to tennis courts
Moruya Woodbridge Avenue full length
Narooma Albert Park Lane full length
NaroomaAngle Street full length
Narooma Bar Rock Road Bluewater Drive to VRA access
Narooma Bay Street full length
Narooma Brushgrove Lane full length
Narooma Corunna Road full length
Narooma Corunna Street full length
Narooma Harper Crescent Ballingalla Street to Marine Drive
Narooma Riverside Drive Bettini Lane to Davison Street
Narooma  Taylor Streetfull length
North Batemans Bay Lincoln Crescent full length
North Batemans Bay Lord Place full length
North Batemans BayWray Street Old Punt Road west to markings
North Moruya Bimbimbie Road Princes Highway to markings
North Moruya Shelley Road 300m from Princes Highway to end (not asphalt portions)
Rosedale Dale Placefull length
Rosedale Innes Place full length
Rosedale Nicholas Grove full length
Rosedale Roseby Drive full length
Rosedale Tallwood Crescent full length
Rosedale Tranquil Bay Place full length
Rosedale  Yowani Roadfull length
South Heads South Head Radservice road 299-307
South Heads The Anchorage Lane full length
Sunshine Bay Bronte Crescent full length
Sunshine Bay George Bass Drive Glenella Road to Tallgums Way
Sunshine Bay Thomas Mitchell Crescent full length
Surf Beach Bass Street full length
Surf BeachBay View Streetfull length
Surf BeachBeach Roadservice road 649-657
Surf BeachBillabong Placefull length
Surf BeachBurkes Wayfull length
Surf BeachDunns Creek RoadDunns Creek bridge to The Ridge Road
Surf BeachHigh View Avenuefull length
Surf BeachTasman StreetSurf Beach Avenue to Bass Street
Surf BeachWimbie Streetfull length
Surfside Wharf Road Mundarra Way to Timbara Crescent
TomakinKingston Placefull length
TomakinMelville Point Roadfull length (from Sunpatch Parade)
TomakinYarralumla Crescentfull length
Tuross HeadBeach StreetAllenby Road to Trafalgar Road
Tuross HeadBirdwood Circlefull length
Tuross HeadBondi StreetAnderson Avenue to Foam Street
Tuross HeadClifford Paradefull length
Tuross HeadHector McWilliam DriveAllenby Road to Trafalgar Road
Tuross HeadKitchener RoadBirdwood Circle to Morwong Crescent
Tuross HeadMarlin StreetBeach Street to Island View Road
Tuross HeadNelson ParadeClive Court to Jutland Avenue
Tuross HeadSwordfish StreetNorfolk Boulevarde to Tuna Street (end of K&G)
Tuross HeadViewpoint Courtfull length