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Reseal Program for sealed roads

Our 2019-20 Operational Plan provides a budget of $1,856,915 for resealing local urban roads. The road reseal program helps to keep maintenance costs down, extend the life of the underlying road pavement and minimise expensive pavement rehabilitation work.

The following table lists the roads and car parks to be resealed with bitumen or asphalt during 2019-20. Bitumen resurfacing involves an application of bitumen covered by a layer of aggregate. Asphalting consists of aggregate, filler and binder which are mixed together then spread and compacted while hot, resulting in a smoother surface.

Reseal schedule 2019-2020

Suburb/Town Road nameDistance
Akolele Serendip Lane full length
Batehaven Caseys Beach car park north all
Batehaven Christopher Crescent full length
Batehaven Clare Crescent full length
Batehaven Corrigan Crescent full length
Batehaven Crosby Drive Law Lane to Waterson Drive
Batehaven Dominic Drive Joseph Street to Paul Place
Batehaven Edward Road Beach Road for 90m
Batehaven Irene Avenue full length
Batehaven Jedel Drive #25 to Curtis Road
Batehaven Sheila St full length
Batehaven Waterson Drive full length
Batemans Bay Bent Street north of Guy Street for 400m
Batemans Bay Bent Street from Crown Street for 110m
Batemans Bay Cranbrook Road #31 to #41
Batemans Bay Crown Street west of reconstruction to end
Batemans Bay Crown Street west of Old Princes Highway for 160m
Batemans Bay Leigh Street full length
Batemans Bay Old Princes Highway Vesper Street to South Street
Batemans Bay Tourist information centre access and car park all
Batemans Bay Russell Lane full length
Bingie Bingie Road #350 to #429
Bingie Kelly Road from Bingie Road 600m
Bingie Priory Lane Bingie Road to end of seal
Bodalla Eurobodalla Road 150m at Cemetery
Bodalla Eurobodalla Road 200m west of Tyrone Bridge
Bodalla Nerrigundah Mountain Road Tyrone Bridge approach and intersection with Eurobodalla Road
Broulee Broulee Road George Bass Drive to Massey Street
Broulee Broulee Road from Princes Highway for 1.4km
Broulee Broulee Road rehab primerseal
Broulee Bruce Cameron Drive new construction
Broulee Coronation Drive Smith Street to Candalagan Bridge
Broulee Malabar Drive full length
Catalina Derribong Avenue west of Berrima Street
Catalina Heron Road Country Club Drive to new construction
Catalina Sea Street full length
Congo Congo Road #765 to #779
Dalmeny Amhurst Street (including Cresswick Parade AC intersection) Noble Parade to Ocean Parade (including Cresswick Parade AC intersection)
Denhams Beach Burkes Way full length
Lilli Pilli George Bass Drive Beach Road south to AC
Lilli Pilli George Bass Drive Denise Drive to Baringa Street
Long Beach Gibraltar Way full length
Malua Bay Bellbird Drive Wattlebird Way to Ridge Road
Malua Bay Binda Street full length
Malua Bay Boondi Street full length
Malua Bay Garagarang Street Tallawang Avenue to Tallawang Avenue
Malua Bay Tallawang Avenue full length
Malua Bay Tennis Club car park all
Malua Bay Wattlebird Way full length
Moruya Church Street West of Vulcan Street for 66m
Moruya Donnelly Drive Racecourse stables
Moruya Ford Lane full length
Moruya Ford Street car park south eastern car park segment
Moruya Ford Street and Church Street roundabout
Moruya Heffernan Place all excluding bowl
Moruya Moruya Street south excluding bowl
Moruya Murray Street Vulcan Street to Lagoon Street
Moruya Percy Davis Drive full length
Moruya Queen Street Vulcan Street to Ford Street
Moruya River Street Hawdon Street to Thomas Street
Moruya Shelley Road chainage 300 to end (not AC)
Moruya Vulcan Street Albert Street to end
Moruya Vulcan Street Bergalia Street to end
Moruya Wamban Road Bridge west to markings
Moruya Heads Dell Parade Brown Close to #23
Moruya Heads Lake Street full length
Moruya Heads South Head Road Maunsell Street to Halyard Drive
Moruya Heads South Head Road east of Preddys Wharf Road east to markings
Mossy Point Annetts Parade Pacific Street to #219
Mossy Point Pacific Street #30 to Tomaga River
Mossy Point Surfside Avenue intersection with Pacific Street/Annetts Parade
Narooma Bluewater Drive Rehab
Narooma Glasshouse Rocks Road #68 to end including Cemetery Road
Narooma Princes Highway (shoulders) Narooma flat
Narooma Riverside Drive and Burrawang Street intersection
Narooma Wharf Street and Bowen Street primerseal areas
Nelligen Old Bolaro Road from Princes Highway for 580m
Rosedale George Bass Drive Yowani Road to Guerilla Bay Road
South Durras Durras Drive 1152m
South Durras Sportsground access road all
Sunshine Bay Thomas Mitchell Crescent full length
Surf Beach George Bass Drive 400m north of Tallgums Way to Beach Road south
Surfside Foam Street full length
Tomakin Tomakin Road safety improvements primerseal
Tomakin Tomakin Road roundabout primerseal areas
Tuross Head Swordfish Street Norfolk Boulevard north for 320m
Tuross Head Allenby Road Hector Mcwilliam Drive to Morwong Street
Tuross Head Anderson Avenue and Andrew Avenue primerseal area
Tuross Head Clifford Parade full length
Tuross Head Coogee Street Lake Street to Brighton Street
Tuross Head Grenville Avenue Hawkins Road to #19 including bowl
Tuross Head Lavender Bay car park all
Tuross Head Swordfish Street Salmon Street south for 205m
Tuross Head Trafalgar Road Jutland Avenue to Hood Street
Tuross Head Tuna Street full length