Eurobodalla Disaster Relief Committee - Terms of Reference

Introduction and background

The Eurobodalla Disaster Relief Fund (the fund) provides a publicly accountable mechanism for the collection and disbursement of donated funds following disasters in the Eurobodalla local government area. The fund is an administered item under the Australian Tax Office’s Disaster Relief Fund protocols, deductible gift recipient status has been granted and Eurobodalla Shire Council provides administrative, governance and policy support for the fund.

Under the Australian disaster relief fund category, the fund is entitled to receive tax deductible gifts for two years from 11 November 2019.

At its meeting on 11 February 2020, Council received a report on the Use of Mayoral Executive Instrument in which the Council noted:

  • Approve the creation of the Eurobodalla Disaster Relief Fund (EDRF), and the rules covering its governance, aims and objections (as set out in the EDRF document).
  • Reason: Necessary to create an account and development of terms of reference for donated funds from organisations and individuals to assist the local community affected by this disaster. If this fund had not been established, our community would have lost donations that were being offered during this period.

Council has formed a Management Committee to determine the most effective governance process and the appropriate distribution of funds collected under the fund to Eurobodalla residents affected by disasters.

Role of the Eurobodalla Disaster Relief Management Committee

To assist Eurobodalla Shire Council with establishing a governance process and appropriate distribution of funds to Eurobodalla residents affected by disasters.

Criteria for those applying for funds will be displayed on Council’s website.

Membership of the Management Committee

The  Fund  will  be  managed  by  an  independent  management  committee  comprising respected community  members.  The  Management  Committee  will  identify  the  areas  of greatest need for financial assistance in supporting those affected by disasters.

Membership includes:

  • Mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Independent community member
  • Independent community member
  • General Manager
  • Secretary (no voting rights)
  • Administrative officer (no voting rights)

Tenure of the Management Committee

The tenure of the committee will coincide with the distribution of the funds in the first instance. It is noted that the committee could be extended to cover potential disasters, should the need arise.

Responsibilities of Management Committee members

Funds are distributed equitably and consistently;

  • Transparency with administration of the fund including adoption of standard accounting protocols
  • Deciding on any fundraising activities for the fund;
  • A reasonable vetting process is applied to applications so that there is a level of confidence that applications are bona fide
  • Compliance with privacy legislation;
  • Compliance with ATO legislation;
  • Council’s website is updated with relevant information;
  • Approval of relief application form; and
  • Appropriate information is provided to affected parties and to the community on the availability of relief, on eligibility and disbursement and on any other matters which the management committee determines should be communicated in order to assist the proper administration of the fund.

Responsibilities of Council

  • Council will provide administrative support, including minute taking, distribution of related correspondence and professional officer support.
  • Council will be responsible for providing suitable venues and related support to Committee members including refreshments.
  • Matters will be referred to the Committee for its consideration and information will be provided on actions arising from adopted Committee recommendations.
  • Only the Mayor or General Manager (or their delegates) can speak to the media on behalf of the committee.
  • Council staff will manage and reconcile the separate bank account for management of funds.

Voting rights and rules

A quorum of the committee will consist of the chairperson (or delegate) and 2 members of the committee.

Where possible, the Management Committee will reach decisions by consensus. However, if a vote is required and the results are tied, the chair will have a deliberative and casting vote.

Members of the Management Committee are obliged to maintain confidentiality in relation to the deliberations of the committee and in relation to personal information that may be presented or obtained.


Eurobodalla Shire Council’s Mayor will be Chair of this committee or her delegate.


  • It is anticipated that committee meetings will be held weekly.
  • Frequency of meetings may change throughout the life of the project depending on needs and priorities.
  • Meetings will ordinarily take place in Moruya; however alternate venues will be arranged by consensus of group members.
  • The duration of meetings will be sufficient to allow full and fruitful discussion by the members of the Management Committee, as determined by the Chairperson.

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