Garden, Hardware, Plumbing, Stormwater and Related Products Panel

Tender number: 2021-022

Successful tender: (listed in alphabetical order)

  1. Cameron's H Hardware
  2. Greenlands Garden Centre
  3. Reece Australia Pty Ltd
  4. Swan Plumbing Batemans Bay and Narooma
  5. Woodys Building Supplies

Address of tenderer:

  1. PO Box 264, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
  2. 89B Queen Street, Moruya NSW 2537
  3. 1/7 Hughes Street, Batemans Bay NSW 2536
  4. PO Box 2234, Fountain Gate VIC 3805
  5. PO Box 295, Narooma NSW 2546

Sub contractors: N/A

Commencement date: 1/03/2021

Duration of contract: Until 28/02/2023, option to extend by a further 12 months used, new date 28 February 2024.

Description of goods/services/consultancy: Provision of garden, hardware, plumbing, stormwater, and related products.

Tendered amount (Incl GST): Estimated value of $500,000.00

Provision for variation to the amount: This contract may be subject to variation, the details of which will be declared if and when any variation occurs.

Option to extend by a further two (2) by 12 month periods

Provisions for renegotiation: N/A

Method of tender: Request for Tender to establish Panel. Individual procurement under Panel Arrangement conducted by way of Sole Source or Request for Quotation.

Criteria of tender evaluation:

  • Compliance with RFT, including;
    • pricing
    • insurances
    • compliance with  relevant Acts and Regulations
    • probity acknowledgement
    • supply type
  • Purchasing under the established Panel are evaluated based on Value for Money which includes factors such as:
    • shop/list price less any discounts offered
    • location of the supplier
    • economy of scale
    • warranty provisions
    • quality

Provision for operational and maintenance services: N/A

Confidential information: This contract and its provisions are commercial-in-confidence. The exclusion of confidential information from this Register is explained on Council's contract page.

Last updated: 27 February 2023