Provision of On-Hire Employee Services

Tender Number: 2018/ORG049

Successful Tender: Recruitflex (Division of Campbell Page Limited)

Address of Tenderer: PO Box 523, Moruya NSW 2537

Sub Contractors: N/A

Commencement Date: 01/09/2018

Duration of Contract: Until 31/08/2023 ( 3 years +  2 year extension)

Description of Goods/Services/Consultancy: Provision of On-Hire Employee Services

Tendered Amount (Incl GST): $6,000,000 over 3 years + an estimated $5,100,000.00 for the 2 year extension period.

Provisions for Variation to the Amount: This contract may be subject to variation, the details of which will be declared if and when any variation occurs.

Charge out rates for On-Hire Employees may only be adjusted by agreement during the Deed period to meet any Award or legal requirements.  Advice in writing prior to any change will be needed.

Provisions for Renegotiation: Option to extend the contract for a further two (2) years by mutual agreement of the parties and subject to the price basis information.

Method of Tender: Request for Tender

Criteria of Tender Evaluation:

  • Charge out rates
  • Role nominations
  • Employer responsibilities
  • WHS
  • Pre-employment requirements
  • Engagement of workers
  • Performance
  • Confidentiality
  • Placement fees
  • Invoicing
  • Business agency details
  • Insurance certificates
  • Referee contacts

Provision for payment for operational or maintenance services: N/A

Confidential information: This contract and its provisions are commercial-in-confidence. The exclusion of confidential information from this Register is explained on Council's contract page.

Last updated: 2 August 2022