Supply of PPE clothing and corporate uniform

Tender number: 2223-011

Successful tender: Pacific Brands - The Workwear Group

Address of tenderer: PO Box 1015 Hawthorn, VIC 3122

Sub contractors: N/A

Commencement date: 1 July 2022

Duration of contract: 30 June 2023

Description of goods/services/consultancy: Supply of PPE clothing (hi vis clothing, protective pants, boots, jumpers, jackets) and corporate uniform.

Tendered amount (Incl GST): Estimated value of $120,000.00

Provision for variation to the amount: This contract may be subject to variation, the details of which will be declared if and when any variation occurs.

CPI increases, current supply chain interruptions due to covid 19, and increase of requirements due to natural disasters (additional staffing, damaged gear etc)

Provisions for renegotiation: Options to extend, to be reviewed in conjunction with monitoring of LGP, and obtaining value for money.

Method of tender: Engaged as a LGP provider (LGP219), and individual RFQ processes.

Criteria of tender evaluation: Assessed other LGP providers pricing via vendor panel, customer service, ease of use, freight options, and value for money

Provision for operational and maintenance services: N/A

Confidential information: This contract and its provisions are commercial-in-confidence. The exclusion of confidential information from this Register is explained on Council's contract page.

Last updated: 2 August 2022