Mogo Village Place Activation Plan

Project: Preparing a place activation plan for Mogo Village. A place activation plan sets a roadmap for a town or area's future by gathering and aligning everything that is planned for the area.

Timeframe: Late 2021

Last updated: June 2021


Council has engaged Ethos Urban to prepare a Mogo Village Place Activation Plan. With input from the community, the plan aims to develop strategies, actions and/or projects that will further activate the local economy, strengthen community resilience and reinforce Mogo as a key destination after the 2019-20 bushfires.

The Mogo Village Place Activation Plan will:

  • provide a clear vision for Mogo
  • bring together and coordinate planned projects proposed for Mogo Village
  • identify and develop key priorities that will further activate the local economy, strengthen community resilience and reinforce Mogo as a key destination
  • rank key priorities
  • include a detailed implementation plan.

The plan will support and confirm the principles identified in the Mogo Rebuild Study undertaken in 2020. This includes:

  • provide parking to support demand and enhance the village character
  • improve pedestrian connectivity, legibility and safety
  • create a cohesive and attractive streetscape
  • reinforce Mogo as a tourism destination
  • celebrate the natural beauty of Mogo.


A place activation plan will set a roadmap for Mogo's future. Watch our short video summarising where we're up to with the Mogo Village Place Activation Plan.

Draft Vision and principles for Mogo

Draft vision: Retain its unique local village character and charm; meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors; and a place that offers opportunities for discovery, adventure and everyday enjoyable experiences.

Draft principles:

  • Celebrate Mogo’s history and culture, and contribute to its unique community and village identity and character.
  • Create a better connected and accessible village that enables safe movements and clear legibility for pedestrians.
  • Connect with Country and protect the natural assets of Mogo while becoming a leader in sustainability.
  • Focus Mogo as a place for discovery and facilitate opportunities for experiences and adventures that attracts economic growth and investment.
  • Deliver infrastructure and facilities to support the needs of the community and visitors.

Get involved

The draft Mogo Village Place Activation Plan will be developed using feedback from the Mogo community. Council and Ethos Urban are committed to working with the community to identify and prioritise the strategies, actions and projects that will be included in the Plan.

Like all communities, there is likely to be a variety of opinions and feedback received. Council will carefully consider all feedback and provide reasons for which strategies, actions and projects are included.

You can have your say and Tell us what is important to you in Mogo by emailing us anytime throughout the project:

Timeline and what we are hearing

April- May 2021: Vision and principles

  • On 27 and 28 April we held 3 drop-in sessions in Mogo for community members to find out more about the project. We also held a workshop with community leaders and business community representatives on 26 April 2021.
  • We asked for feedback from the wider community and those who could not attend in person via an online survey, which closed on 7 May 2021.
  • We heard that actions such as improved parking, pedestrian connections and toilet facilities are important to the community.
  • View a summary of the feedback we received in April 2021.

May-June 2021: Emerging ideas and prioritising actions

  • We asked for people to tell us their ideas for any projects or actions that will help activate Mogo in the short to long term. Our online suggestion form was available from 26 May to 9 June 2021.
  • We will identify how we can address feedback together and achieve a shared vision for Mogo. We will continue to meet with stakeholders to test the vision, principles and emerging ideas actions.

June-July 2021: Drafting the plan

  • We will consider all feedback to draft a Plan for Mogo.
  • We'll host meetings with stakeholders to test an early draft of the Mogo Village Place Activation Plan and consider its implementation.
  • We will public exhibition of the draft Mogo Village Place Activation Plan, inviting community members to comment on it.

What is going on in Mogo?

There are several projects and actions that have been completed or are being planned for Mogo. The list on this page provides more information about some of these.

The Mogo Village Place Activation Plan will consider these projects and any previous feedback we received as part of the projects.

Mogo was significantly impacted by the 2019-20 bushfires. Recovery is a long-term process that is different for everyone.

Ethos Urban provided pro bono support immediately after the 2019-20 bushfires to create a framework for rebuilding the destroyed commercial properties in Mogo. It complements the Mogo Village Commercial Centre DCP with design principles to facilitate rebuilds that reinforce the streetscape character of Mogo.

Council is now using this study to support commercial property rebuilds in Mogo.

The Mogo Adventure Trail Hub Project was awarded $3 million NSW Government funding through the Growing Local Economies Fund.

The Mogo Adventure Trail Hub Masterplan aims to realise the potential of adventure trail tourism in the region and establish the Mogo area as a premier adventure trail destination.

Delivery of the Mogo Adventure Trail Hub will increase tourism-related business opportunities in Mogo.

Detailed design of Mogo entry signs is complete and local sign suppliers have been asked to provide quotes for their manufacture. Council’s aim is to have the signs at the northern and southern highway approaches installed before the end of June 2021. The third sign on Tomakin Road will be installed once the design for the highway intersection treatment is finalised.

Council adopted the Eurobodalla Shire, Town and Village Entry Signage design at the 8 December 2020 Council meeting. Council adoption was the final step in an 18-month process that sought input from a range of key stakeholders, including the Mogo Village Business Chamber and other representatives from community groups, tourism businesses and tourism operators.

All feedback received influenced the final design to ensure that it was able to:

  • improve how visitors are made aware of Eurobodalla Shire
  • enhance the visitor experience across the whole shire, and
  • enhance the image of Eurobodalla as a tourist destination by encouraging consistent themes and innovative and distinctive design.

The final design captures the essence of the entire Eurobodalla and acknowledges the diversity of landscape, ecology and history throughout the Shire. Aboriginal community stakeholders were clear that Umbarra is a totem for all Yuin people, and everyone in Eurobodalla, so should be represented on all entry signs.

Importantly, feedback from the Mogo Village Business Chamber has resulted in the Mogo entry signs being prioritised over and above all other towns and villages in Eurobodalla to be the first location to have the new signs installed - thanks to the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund.

  • A footpath built between Church Street and Queen Street, Mogo.
  • Rebuild of a section of Queen Street.
  • Rebuild of a section of Annett Street
  • Tomakin Road safety upgrade.
  • Council has been advocating and working with TfNSW to seek funding for works in Mogo that would improve parking options and pedestrian and traffic connections.
  • TfNSW has been undertaking consultation regarding works on the Princes Highway to improve pedestrian movement across the highway.
  • The relocation of the existing public toilets from Tomakin Road to a more central location in Mogo will continue to be investigated. Council has acknowledged the significant community support for centrally located toilets, specifically in John Street Reserve. The Mogo Village Place Activation Plan will confirm the most appropriate location and ensure that aligns with other future projects and activities for Mogo. This will further support a funding application to the NSW Government for more accessible toilet facilities
  • The TfNSW Princes Highway upgrade Roadmap 2040 does not identify Mogo bypass as a project being considered by 2040.

There is only funding for initial weed control works by Council. Long-term management of Cabbage Tree Creek is the responsibility of Crown Lands and private landholders. The Mogo Village Place Activation Plan could identify possible future management agreements or options.

Council has produced a Mogo brochure and purchased the rights to Cartoscope Maps to ensure Eurobodalla has a consistent approach to maps across Eurobodalla Shire.

We have produced posters for those businesses that can’t hold brochures to ensure they can help visitors find things to do in Eurobodalla.

Eurobodalla Shire will launch a campaign in May 2021 to focus on all of our towns and villages - this will include a focus on Mogo.

In 2019, Council worked with local woodworkers to provide a focal point in John Street Reserve, Mogo.

This included removing a public BBQ and Council will be reinstating the BBQ shortly.

In 2019, Council worked with the Mogo community on plans to transform the Mogo Sports Oval into a new recreation park where the whole community can gather and play.

What have we missed?

If there are other projects coming up in Mogo that you think should be listed here, let us know:

More information

For more information about the Mogo Village Place Activation Plan, please contact Angie Radford, Coordinator Strategy and Place, on: