Gundary Oval surface refurbishment

Project: Refurbishing the Gundary playing fields

Funding: $200,000 SportAus grant, an Australian Government, Australian Sports Commission program and a $263,613 contribution from Council.

Timeframe: December 2018 to December 2020

Last updated: February 2021

The playing fields at Gundary Oval are overlooked by residential houses.


Council is planning to refurbish sporting fields at the Gundary Sporting Precinct to help transform the grounds into a regional sporting facility.

Gundary Oval in Moruya is one of Eurobodalla Shire’s busiest sporting venues, hosting soccer, football, cricket and hockey.

The project involves complete field refurbishment, including raising and levelling two fields to improve drainage and enhance the playing surfaces.

Better quality fields will help to meet increasing demand, evenly distribute field use and improve player safety.

The field upgrades will complement other facility improvements and will help attract more, and larger, sporting events and carnivals.

The project is a key element of Council’s Recreation and Open Space Strategy and the Gundary Oval District Sports Park Landscape Masterplan.

To minimise disruption to sportspeople, work on the playing fields will begin at the end of the football and soccer playing seasons and is expected to be complete by March 2020.

Latest News

January 2021

  • The fields are open and available for use. We are just waiting on new goal posts to finish off the project.

December 2020

  • The new surface is settling in well and the temporary fencing is coming down.
  • Surveyors will mark out the locations for new goal posts and the fields will be open in time for Christmas!

October 2020

  • The new turf is in place and settling well. Once it has fully taken root we will re-open the playing fields.

September 2020

  • The irrigation system and a mountain of compost are in the ground ready to invigorate the new grass.

Huge rolls of instant turf lay ready to be rolled across the bare soil

  • The huge rolls of instant turf are rolled out onto the levelled bare earth. Once they are in place the roots will start to grab hold of the soil and provide a tough playing surface.

August 2020

Tipping trucks with trailers deliver bulk material onto the sports ground

  • It's all systems go down at Gundary with 100 truck and trailer loads of material arriving onsite.

A bulldozer spreads out material on the ground to level it

  • The dozer has been flat out spreading the sand at 200mm thick across the field.
  • Soon we'll get some compost into the mix and set up an irrigation system.

July 2020

A stabiliser digs up the sportsground

  • Work to shape up the two fields finally kicked off in early in the month.
  • The site was prepped and we got started on placing the subgrade material.
  • It wasn't long before the rain held up work but we'll get stuck back into it as soon as it is dry enough.

February 2020

  • The project has been deferred until the end of the 2020 playing season.

August 2019

  • Project planning is underway to upgrade the two playing fields.
  • Work will begin at the conclusion of the footy and soccer season.

More information

For further details about the Gundary Oval surface refurbishment project, please contact Dave Bohun: