Beach Road, Batemans Bay CBD Upgrade

Project: Upgrading of Beach Road from the intersection with Vesper Street (Princes Highway) to Orient Street in Batemans Bay CBD.

Cost: $3 million funded by the Australian Government's Building Our Future program.

Timeframe: June 2018 to December 2019

Status: Complete

Last updated: January 2021


The major upgrade will provide significant benefit to the community by improving road safety and road network capacity as well as reducing traffic congestion and travel times. The project includes:

  • an additional right-turn lane on Beach Road for eastbound traffic at Orient Street to address road safety and provide capacity for right-turn vehicles
  • an additional left-turn lane out of Beach Road onto the Princes Highway to provide additional capacity for left-turn, through traffic to Mackay Park and right-turn traffic
  • provision of dual lanes exiting Mackay Park onto the Princes Highway to increase capacity from the Mackay Park precinct
  • additional capacity at the existing Perry Street north leg of the Beach Road roundabout
  • new medians and pathways on Beach Road with pedestrian control measures and refuges to improve pedestrian safety.

The Beach Road overview plan shows locations of additional traffic lanes and footpaths

Latest news

April 2020

  • With water restrictions lifted we returned to site to complete the landscaping. The new plants and freshly laid turf give the area a fresh new look, a lovely way to finish the project.

February 2020

  • We are returning to site to do some landscaping near the Batemans Bay Visitor Centre and on the Perry Street roundabout.
  • We'll build a couple of extra concrete strips, pop in some plants and add instant turf to enhance the area.

December 2019

  • It's been a long time coming but this project is now complete!
  • A big thank you to all the local residents, visitors, businesses and commuters who have been so patient.
  • We hope everyone enjoys the improved traffic flow and the smart new look of the area.

November 2019

The new right turn lane on Beach Road is open and cars are turning into Orient Street.

  • The asphalt sealing works were completed over three nights to minimise disruption to traffic in the CBD.
  • We sealed Beach Road, between Perry and Orients streets as well as the visitor centre car park.
  • All lanes are now open and operating well thanks to the fancy thermoplastic line marking.

The area outside the NAB building is landscaped with grass and seating.

  • The landscaped area outside the NAB is open too and ready for pedestrians to enjoy.
  • The end of the project is so close now; we just need to finish the footpath outside the police station, plant some trees and tidy up the whole area in time for the Christmas rush.

October 2019

Beach Road has a fresh coat of asphalt between Perry and Orient Streets

  • We’ve widened Beach Road and added the dedicated right-hand turn lane into Orient Street. The first coats of asphalt were laid over a couple of nights and the new traffic lights have been activated at the Orient Street intersection.
  • We need to close the road again to finish off the sealing on Beach Road. At the same time we'll seal the Perry Street roundabout and the visitor centre car park. The work has been scheduled to be undertaken at night to minimise disruption to traffic.

September 2019

  • We’ve got the go ahead to work outside the police station so we are picking up the pace to bring this project back on schedule.
  • We’ll move the footpath over to provide enough room to widen Beach Road and then we’ll put in a dedicated right turn lane for commuters travelling into Orient Street.
  • It will be an action-packed worksite and pedestrians, in particular, may need to allow extra time to get around.

The new concrete pathway sits between the road and the new retaining wallThe new concrete pathway sits between the road and the new retaining wallThe new concrete pathway sits between the road and the new retaining wall

  • The new path is open from Commercial Lane to the Perry Street roundabout extending the pathway network and increasing pedestrians safety.
  • The reconstructed Commercial Lane car park is operational although it still needs to be sealed.
  • The landscaping works on the area outside the NAB building are coming along nicely.
  • We’ve got the underground services out of the way outside the police station so we can get on with the earthworks to widen Beach Road.
  • New traffic lights have been installed at the Orient Street intersection although these guys won’t be operating just yet.

August 2019

The concept plan shows the new footpath and vegetation outside the NAB building.

  • This image displays the proposed landscaping plan for the area in front of the NAB building.
  • The work will greatly improve pedestrian safety as well as the visual appeal of the CBD.
  • We expect to begin the landscaping work in September.

July 2019

The new retaining wall is complete and work is now starting on the kerb and gutter

  • The retaining wall on Beach Road is complete and looks great. Our crew is now building the pathway, kerb and gutter at the foot of the new wall.
  • Work has now begun on the opposite side of the road outside the police station. The road will be widened to provide a dedicated right turn lane for traffic entering Orient Street from Beach Road.

June  2019

  • Stormwater drainage pipe works are now complete along Beach Road between Orient and Perry streets.

The retaining wall under construction has a wood grain look.

  • Our crews will now prepare the same stretch for a new footpath, landscaping and a retaining wall using wood grain concrete sleepers purchased from Cameron’s H Hardware. The work will incorporate replacement of the path linking Beach Road to Bent Street.

May 2019

  • A Council crew has been working on a new footpath alongside Hill Street to provide a link between the northern end of Bent Street and Mackay Park.
  • This pathway is identified as a priority in the Eurobodalla Pathway Strategy 2017 and is funded through the NSW DPI Stronger Country Communities program.
  • Crews have now resumed work on the southern side of Beach Road between Orient and Perry streets installing stormwater pits and pipes streets before landscaping the area.

April 2019

  • Construction crews have returned to site to start on a new pathway linking the Hill Street footpath near McDonalds to the northern end of Bent Street. The concrete path will include stepped sections.
  • After the April school holidays crews will focus on works along Beach Road.
  • A new pathway and retaining wall will be built on the southern side of Beach Road between Commercial Lane and the Perry Street roundabout.

February 2019

  • Our water team has been upgrading the water infrastructure while construction works are on hold.
  • An old water main is being replaced on Beach Road between Orient Street and the Perry Street roundabout.
  • A new water main is going in along Perry Street to increase the water capacity to the CBD.

January 2019

  • The new lanes are operating well assisting the flow of traffic through Batemans Bay.
  • Construction crews will return to site after Easter to complete the project.

December 2018

An aerial photo of the Beach Road/Princes Highway intersection shows the extra lane on Beach Road.

  • Traffic light sensors have been installed at all four approaches to the Beach Road and Princes Highway intersection.
  • A pedestrian fence has been erected on the new centre concrete median on Beach Road between the Princes Highway and Perry Street.
  • The new pathway has been extended and turf has been laid outside the Visitor Information Centre.
  • After a tidy up of the site on 14 December, work ceased to avoid disruption to Christmas shoppers and commuters.
  • Crews will be back on site in 2019 after the busy summer period.

Late November 2018

Crews work to mark up the new linemarking on Beach Road.

  • Beach Road was closed for a night to allow works to be undertaken with minimal disruption to commuters and pedestrians.
  • The traffic lights at the Princes Highway intersection have been moved to cater for the newly widened road.
  • The lights are operating as usual and pedestrians can access all corners.
  • The new left turn lane has been sealed, temporary line marking applied and opened to traffic.
  • Crews are now working on the centre concrete median between the Princes Highway and Perry Street.

Early November 2018

An aerial photo of Beach Road shows crews working on widening the road.

  • Crews are gearing up to seal the new left turn lane on Beach Road later in the month.
  • The traffic lights at the intersection of Beach Road and the Princes Highway will soon be moved to suit the newly widened road.

A cherry picker is used to install new street lighting.Beach road has been widened to accomadate an extra lane.

  • The footpath along the southern side of Beach Road adjacent to the Visitor Centre is now finished with adjoining kerb and gutter installed and looking smart.
  • Electrical crews have been installing new street lighting to shine on the Princes Highway intersection.

An aerial photo shows work has begun on the retainig wall on Beach Road.

  • Meanwhile, further east along Beach Road between Orient and Perry streets, the retaining wall has been dismantled to increase the road width and allow for a new pathway.

October 2018

Beach Road is being widened to fit in the new pathway.Heavy plant are being used to prepare the new section of road for sealing.

  • Although the rain has been very welcome it did affect our scheduled temporary road closure. Beach Road was closed between the Princes Highway and Perry Street for a couple of nights to enable works to be completed with only minimal disruption to traffic.
  • We have started works at the eastern end of Beach Road (pictured above left), preparing for the new footpath.
  • The newly created extra lane (above right) on Beach Road will be sealed in November.
  • Soon the street lights and traffic signals will be moved to their new locations to fit in with the widened road.

September 2018

Concretors work to smooth off the new pathway along Beach Road.

  • The footpath is being built and kerb and gutter has been installed defining the edge of Beach Road.
  • Works continue alongside the Batemans Bay Visitor Information Centre to widen Beach Road.
  • Water mains have been upgraded and relocated.
  • Preparation works are underway to shift the highway intersection traffic lights to suit the wider road.

August 2018

An aerial photo of Beach Road shows excavation has begun along Beach Road.

  • Excavation has begun alongside the Batemans Bay Visitor Information Centre to make way for the new pavement that will form the additional left hand turn lane onto the Princes Highway.
  • Electrical infrastructure is being upgraded and power poles and cables are being relocated to make way for the road widening.
  • Our Water Services team have been upgrading the water mains and relocating pipes underneath the new footpath.

June & July 2018

  • Preliminary works began involving tree removal along Beach Road to allow for road widening and installation of a new water main, underground telecommunications and overhead power lines.
  • The Visitor Information Centre car park has been modified to cater for the widening of Beach Road. Access to the car park remain via the Beach Road/Perry Street roundabout.

More Information

For more information about this project, please contact Lewis Oldfield, Project Engineer: