Beach Road safety upgrade

Project: Upgrading Beach Road, Batemans Bay, between Miller Street and Golf Links Drive and between Herarde Street and Bavarde Avenue

NSW Government funding:

  • $1.8million Safer Roads - Saving Lives on Country Roads program
  • $300,000 Regional Roads Repair program

Timeframe: November 2019 to December 2020

Status: Complete

Last updated: February 2021

An aerial view of Beach Road looking south from the marina.


Beach Road is Eurobodalla's busiest road leading from the Batemans Bay CBD through to many suburbs to the south and eventually on to Moruya via George Bass Drive.

Following a significant number of crashes in recent years we have identified the section of Beach Road between Herarde Street and Golf Links Drive as a priority for a road safety upgrade.

The completed works will create safer travel for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, reducing road related trauma and the cost of crashes to our community.

The project design includes extending existing median islands to reduce the risk of rear end collisions by preventing motorists from turning right in/out of driveways.

Miller Street to Golf Links Drive

The central median island will be extended from the existing median near Miller Street and continue south to connect with the concrete island adjacent to the right turn bay into the Club Catalina car park.

To see where the median will be installed and how traffic flow will be affected take a look at this document:

To adapt to sea level rise and cater for increasing property development we will also undertake the following works in this area:

  • raise the level of the road by 220mm
  • provide lane widths at a minimum of 3.35 metres
  • rebuild the pathways on either side of the road
  • replace existing concrete driveways from the kerb to property boundaries
  • upgrade the stormwater network
  • renew the water mains.

Barvarde Avenue to Herarde Street

A central median island will be extended from the existing median west of the Bavarde Avenue roundabout for approximately 70m toward Herarde Street.

To see where the median will be installed and how traffic flow will be affected take a look at this document:

The work is part of our ongoing program to improve and maintain the road network for current and future generations.

Latest news

December 2020

  • We've completed the last part of this road safety project by extending the central median west of the Bavarde Avenue roundabout.
  • We've also tied up loose ends and have the road ready for the Christmas break.

November 2020

  • This month we are finishing off concreting works and tidying up Beach Road between Golf Links Drive and Miller Street.
  • In December we will turn our attention to the the stretch of road between Bavarde Avenue and Herarde Street to install the central median.

October 2020

  • With such a large amount of asphalt to lay on Beach Road we have scheduled the new road surface to be applied at night to avoid further disruptions to traffic during the day.
  • Night works will run from Sunday 11 to Thursday 15 October and from Sunday 18 to Tuesday 20 October. Work will start around 6pm each night and should be done by 6am the following day.
  • Asphalt will be applied between Bavarde Avenue and near Raine & Horne, and will include the Miller Street intersection.
  • All efforts will be made to keep the noise down but residents may be able to hear heavy machinery operating.
  • Beach Road will be operating under traffic control with only one lane open to traffic each night. Commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area. During the day, one lane in each direction will remain open.

September 2020

  • Concreting works in the northern section of the project are coming along nicely with most of the new kerb and gutter in place.
  • Next we'll start on the new pathways and laying a huge amount of asphalt.

August 2020

  • Our concreting crew has been flat out installing more kerb and gutter along Beach Road. Now they are busy with driveways and pathways.
  • Restoration work is coming along nicely at the southern end of the worksite.
  • Soon the crews will move to the northern end and get going on the section between Miller Street and Bavarde Avenue.

July 2020

New concrete kerb and gutter line the new road surface

  • It's been all happening recently with the new pavement going down in the southern end of the project.
  • New footpaths and driveways are looking smart and tie in nicely with the new kerb and gutter.

Two new concrete stormwater pipes sit in a trenchWorkmen lower stormwater infrastructure into place below ground

  • Old stormwater and water pipes have been replaced and new drainage infrastructure has been added.
  • The southern end will soon spring back to life as restoration works get underway.

June 2020

  • Work is going to plan along Beach Road and we've got some asphalt to lay between Raine & Horne and Club Catalina. We've scheduled the work at night to avoid further disruptions to daytime traffic.
  • Night works are set to go from Tuesday 9 to Friday 12 June 2020. Works will begin from 6pm each night and should be finished by 7am the following day.
  • We'll try to keep the noise down wherever podsible but residents may be able to hear heavy machinery on the go.

May 2020

  • Work along Beach Road is coming along nicely and the new stormwater pipes are in place.
  • We are now ripping up the old kerb and gutter on the western side of the road with the intention of replacing it this month.
  • Once that's done we’ll move to do the same on the other side of the road and the left southbound lane will be closed.
  • Pedestrians on the seaside will be redirected around the worksite near the marina while we finish the upgrade to the Miller Street drainage network.

March 2020

  • Work is well underway along the southern side of Beach Road. Soon we'll be installing new pipes beneath the road as a part of the storm water network upgrade. To safely get the job done we'll need to close three lanes of traffic at a time. To avoid further disruption to traffic during the day, we have scheduled the work to be completed at night.
  • Night works are planned for Monday 30 March and Tuesday 31 March from 7pm to 5am. We hope to complete the work during two nights, however, if necessary we will continue with night work on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 April.
  • We will be working in two locations:
    • from 98 Beach Road to Raine & Horne
    • from 45 to 120 Beach Road
  • We'll keep the noise to a minimum where possible but residents may be able to hear heavy machinery operating.
  • Beach road will be reduced to one lane and operate under traffic control during night works, so allow a little extra time if travelling through the area.

February 2020

  • Our construction crews are gearing up to get this show on the road by the end of February.
  • The plan is to work on one side of the road at a time, wherever possible, to minimise the interruption to traffic.
  • First up we'll tackle the inland side, upgrading the stormwater network and replacing the old kerb and gutter.
  • We'll have to close one northbound lane to give the crews a bit of space to work so allow a little extra time to travel through the area.
  • We recommend pedestrians use the seaside pathway while we work on the inland side of the road.

December 2019

  • Our engineers and designers are hard at work finalising the plans for the Beach Road upgrade.
  • We plan to kick off works in February when school has returned and the tourist numbers decrease.
  • We will notify affected property owners and residents as required throughout the project.

Contact us

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