Dunns Creek Road, road reconstruction

Project: Upgrading the road to improve safety

Cost: $1,228,800

Funding: NSW Government Safer Roads - Saving Lives on Country Roads program

Timeframe: October 2019 to October 2021

Last updated: January 2021

Dunns Creek Road winds through the forest


Council is upgrading 4.35 km of Dunns Creek Road from The Ridge Road, Malua Bay to Woodlands Road, Woodlands.

The project will improve safety on sections of the road and is part of our ongoing road reconstruction program to improve and maintain the road network for current and future generations.

Dunns Creek Road connects George Bass Drive and Tomakin Road in the hinterland behind the coastal suburbs from Batemans Bay to Broulee. The road is a rural distributor that has achieved a higher than average increase in traffic over the past ten years. Subsequently, vehicle crashes have risen.

The road will be improved by:

  • realigning the curves north of Dunns Creek Bridge
  • widening the road to provide 3.25m lanes and 1.25m shoulders
  • marking road edge lines
  • installing retro reflective pavement markers on centre and edge lines
  • installing curve alignment markers and new curve advisory speed signs
  • improving drainage
  • installing guardrail.

The project will improve property access and road safety for motorists and cyclists.

Latest news

September 2020

Freshly painted double white lines are painted on the brand new road

  • A linemarking vehicle applies the finishing touches on the brand new stretch of road.
  • After almost four months the major thoroughfare is reopened to traffic, providing a safer route for commuters travelling from Mogo to Malua Bay.
  • We'll return in a few months to lay down the final road seal and apply the permanent linemarking.

August 2020

Road base material is in place along a wide stretch of road through the forest

  • Base material for the road has been trucked in and worked with heavy plant to prepare the road for sealing.
  • All the rain has set us back and we now plan to have the road open by mid-September.

June 2020

A new road is being formed alongside the old road

  • A drone shows how the work will flatten the curve along Dunns Creek Road.

Heavy plant push out sub base gravel on the newly formed road

  • Heavy plant push out the sub base gravel along the newly formed road.

An area hs been levelled in preparation for the new road

  • A bulldozer has been busy ripping the rock bed to push the road through from one end of the site to the other.
  • Excavators have been shaping up the batter to give a nice neat look to the edge of the road.

An excavator digs a trench for a concrete stormwater pipe

  • Stormwater pipes are being installed deep beneath the ground next to the new road.

May 2020

Heavy plant work on the new road

  • Heavy plant get activated and move a huge amount of dirt to shape up the new section of road.

Harvesting machines work to remove forest trees

  • Harvesters make a start on the road realignment by clearing the area to make way for earth moving machinery.

April 2020

  • Our construction crews are preparing to move to the northern end of Dunns Creek Road after widening the road to the south.
  • Work will begin on a 700-metre section starting 1.4km south of The Ridge Road.
  • We will need to undertake substantial earthworks here to successfully realign the road and reducing the curve.
  • If you want to know specifics you can download the detailed plan.

March 2020

  • Our crews are gearing up to get back on site.
  • Their efforts will be focused on widening the shoulders on the southern section of the road.

December 2019

  • Council crews have been busy working to widen the shoulders at the northern end of the road.
  • We've packed up the tools for now so we don't impact on holiday traffic.
  • When we return in late January we'll finish off the first 1km stretch and then get going on a section south of Dunns Creek Bridge.

October 2019

  • Our design team are working on sections of the road and we plan to start work on the ground in mid-October.
  • We'll begin by widening the shoulders of the 1km stretch starting from The Ridge Road.

More info

For more information about the Dunns Creek Road project, please contact our Moruya Depot: