Eurobodalla Road, urban road reconstruction

Project: Upgrading a 800-metre section of Eurobodalla Road, Bodalla, to provide safer travel for pedestrians and road users

Cost: $896,291

Funding: NSW Government Fixing Country Roads program - $446,291 and Council contribution - $450,000

Timeframe: August to December 2019

Status: Complete

Last updated: June 2021

Eurobodalla road has a sealed pavement but no kerb and gutter.


Eurobodalla Road is a narrow road providing the only access to the Eurobodalla and Nerrigundah Valleys. Vehicles using the road are predominantly large freight trucks, carrying quarry products, milk, forestry products and general farm supplies. Eurobodalla Road is also a school bus route.

Council has identified a section of Eurobodalla Road as a priority for reconstruction. The work area begins at Sutcliffe Street and extends 800 metres to the south-east.

The work includes:

  • widening the road
  • installing stormwater pipes
  • constructing kerb and guttering on the eastern side of the road
  • providing a new road pavement
  • building a footpath separated from the road.

The improvements to the road will provide greater structural capacity to carry heavy loads and increase safety for all road users.

The drainage works will reduce environmental impacts of stormwater runoff as well as improve access to properties.

The 1.5m wide concrete footpath will benefit the local community, providing pedestrians and young cyclists safer access into the village of Bodalla.

Latest news

Instant turf has been rolled out between the new road and the new footpath.

December 2019

  • Our crew have been busy over the last couple of months giving the road its makeover.
  • The new footpath looks great and will make the walk into town a whole lot easier.
  • The big tidy up is underway and the new turf sure neatens up the roadside.

October 2019

  • We’ve completed the stormwater works and have levelled the road with new material.

Kerb and gutter are being installed along the road.

  • We are now installing the kerb and gutter giving a neat and defined edge to the road.

THe road sub-surface has been prepared and kerb and gutter is being installed.

  • Once it's completed, we will get started on the new footpath.

September 2019

  • Our crew are working to improve the stormwater network by creating new drainage lines.
  • Next up, material will be brought in to raise the level of the road at the eastern end further helping with stormwater runoff.

August 2019

  • Tree clearing works are underway making room so we can begin widening the road.
  • Our construction folk have been setting up sediment control measures to minimise environmental impacts once the earthworks begin.

More info

For more information about the Eurobodalla Road reconstruction project, please contact our Project Engineer, Mark Cutting: