Garlandtown Bridge widening

Project: Upgrading the existing bridge to accommodate larger transport vehicles and improve road safety

Cost: $1.9 million

Funding: Restart NSW - $691,709, Australian Government's Bridges Renewal Program - $850,000 and Council contribution - $354,814

Timeframe: April 2019 to June 2021

Last updated: June 2021

The old bridge is narrow and lacks shoulders


Although structurally sound, the existing bridge on North Head Drive has been identified as inadequate for transport needs. The narrow lanes are not suitable for pedestrians, cyclists and Higher Mass Limit (HML) vehicles that need to access Moruya Airport.

The proposed upgrade involves widening the existing bridge to provide two 3.5-metre wide lanes with a 2-metre wide shoulder on both sides. Additionally, the bridge approaches will be realigned and widened to meet current standards for a regional road.

The project involves the following works:

  • survey, investigation and design
  • widening of bridge deck from 6.7m to 11m
  • widening and realignment of the bridge approaches totaling 235m.

The project forms part of Council’s Asset Management Strategy and long term financial plan for the management and improvement of Council’s transport assets. It will contribute to a safe, efficient, resilient and integrated transport network.

The upgrades will meet future transport needs to the coastal growth corridor and Moruya Airport as well as improving safety for cyclists and residents.

Latest news

June 2021

  • The bridge abutments have been widened and the old deck removed. New girders have been lowered into place forming the foundation for the new road surface.

A crane truck lowers huge beams across a creek joining two sections of road.

May 2021

  • To help speed up this project we are going to temporarily close the road to through traffic from Monday 24 May.
  • While the closure may cause some inconvenience to road users, we have limited space to safely undertake the works. The section west of Garlandtown bridge has restricted working area between the hill and the river. Closing the road means the work can be completed much faster and safer than trying to rebuild the road with more than four thousand vehicle per day passing through the work-site.
  • Commuters – including those heading north to the airport from Moruya - will need to use the Princes Highway and Broulee Road. Cyclists will also need to take the alternate route.
  • For more information: North Head Drive road closure

April 2021

  • As work ramps up we have closed one lane to ensure the safety of crews and speed up the process. Traffic delays are expected and we recommend commuters use Broulee Road when possible.

March 2021

  • Work is coming along on North Head Drive on the western side of the bridge to accommodate the road widening.
  • Heavy machinery is active along the roadside and traffic control measures are in place. Commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area.

February 2021

  • Our crews are returning to site to start widening the road either end of the bridge. While we are at it we will also provide a new road surface for 1.2km toward Moruya.

A narrow sealed road follows the edge of a body of water with a forested hill on the otherside

December 2020

  • Work is underway clearing the roadsides to allow the bridge approaches to be widened.
  • The road is operating under traffic control and commuters should allow extra time to travel through the area.

November 2020

  • Preparatory work on the ground is about to start. We'll kick off with clearing, road widening, culvert extensions and service relocation.
  • Commuters can expect significant delays on North Head Drive and should use the Princes Highway and Broulee Road where possible.
  • Construction of the actual bridge is set to begin next year.

September 2019

  • With lots going on behind the scenes the design work for the project is almost finished.
  • We'll be working on the bridge approaches; realigning and widening the road to improve safety before we tackle the bridge itself next year.

July 2019

  • While the preliminary design review has been progressing we have completed a geotechnical report.
  • Some electrical infrastructure is in the area so we are exploring our options to relocate the power.

June 2019

  • Design works are continuing for the bridge and associated road widening.
  • Drilling to determine the ground conditions has been undertaken and the foundations are being designed.

May 2019

  • Initial works have begun to investigate the characteristics of the existing road and ground near the bridge.
  • The findings will help determine what is required to upgrade the road and to widen the bridge.
  • Works will occur from Bali Hi Access Road to Bruce Cameron Drive at the Airport turnoff.

April 2019

  • Preliminary discussion with adjacent landowners and survey works and have been undertaken.
  • Council has awarded the contract for the design of the project to BridgeDesign after a competitive public tender process. BridgeDesign officially commenced works.
  • Road construction works will begin once the design is complete and bridge construction will begin after our tender is awarded.

More info

For more information about the Garlandtown Bridge widening project, please contact our Divisional Manager Works Tony Swallow: