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Step 3: prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate

The following items may be required prior to the issue of a Construction Certificate (CC), if applicable to your application, and you can submit the information any time prior to determination to prevent delay in the issuing of your approval.

Section 7.11 (previously Section 94), 7.12 (previously Section 94A) and 64 contributions

Development contributions are payments made by developers to Council for the provision of public infrastructure. The contributions allow us to provide public amenities and services to meet the increased demands created by the new development. These can include shared pathways, libraries or roads.

The types of contributions that could be required as part of a development for certain proposals are: Section 7.11, Section 7.12 and 64 contributions. These are required to be paid prior to the release of the CC.

For further information relating to Section 7.11, 7.12 and 64 contributions and how they are calculated, please refer to the Development Contributions section of this website.

Long service levy

The NSW Government has placed a levy on all building and construction work valued at $25,000 or more (inclusive of GST). The levy rate is 0.35% of the total cost of the work as determined by the consent/certifying authority. The building applicant, or the person for whom the work is being done, is liable to pay the levy.

Council is an agent for the collection of long service levy payments and you are encouraged to pay the levy when lodging your CC.

Conditions of consent

It is important to carefully read your development consent as there may be conditions that need to be addressed prior to the issue of the Construction Certificate. These conditions will be listed in the development consent under the heading 'Prior to the Issue of the Construction Certificate'. The conditions will specify the matters that are required to be addressed or the information that is required to be lodged.  Your Construction Certificate cannot be issued until these specific conditions have been met.