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Step 6: notifying Council before construction starts

You must notify Council of your intention to commence works at least two days before any building works start. This must be a formal, written notification that includes details of the date on which the work is intended to commence.

You must also provide the following information to Council before construction starts:

Builder's details

If you appoint a builder to undertake your residential works, Council will require the builder's name, address and NSW licence number.

Home Building Compensation Fund

If you appoint a builder and your residential works exceed $20,000, your builder is required to obtain a certificate of insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund and you will need to provide a copy of this certificate to Council. This certificate must show the correct property details to which the certificate relates and identify all work covered under the building contract eg, swimming pool and dwelling.

Owner-Builder Permit

Should you choose to complete the work as an owner-builder, and your residential works exceed $10,000, you must obtain an Owner-Builder Permit from NSW Fair Trading, and submit a copy to Council. Permits must show the correct property details to which the Permit relates and Council's Development Application number.

For any enquiries relating to the issue of an Owner-Builder Permit, please contact NSW Fair Trading on 13 32 20, or visit their website.