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Step 7: ensuring your PCA conducts critical stage inspections

The Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 specifies critical stage inspections that are mandatory and, if missed, you may not be able to get an Occupation Certificate. You need to be aware of these inspections and ensure they are conducted at the appropriate time.

Council will provide a letter (usually with your Construction Certificate) that includes a list of the mandatory inspections required throughout the construction of the building.

How do I book an inspection?

Either the contractor (builder) or the owner-builder can request inspections from Council by contacting us at least 24 hours before an inspection is required as follows:

For both of these methods, you will need to provide the following information:

  • the Development Application (DA) or Construction Certificate (CC) number
  • the development site address
  • the owner's name
  • the type of inspection required, eg, footing, frame, wet area
  • the date the inspection is required
  • the site contact name and number.

Please note that we cannot guarantee any inspection time preferences at the time of booking. Should a specific time or morning inspection be required, please phone on the morning of the scheduled inspection and ask to speak to the Accredited Certifier directly regarding your time preference.

If you have appointed a private Accredited Certifier as your PCA, you will need to contact your Certifier to confirm when and how to book your critical stage inspections. NOTE: Council is still required to undertake all plumbing inspections.

Please ensure that you continue to monitor the conditions of your consent during the various stages of construction.