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Planning considerations

Eurobodalla Shire Council welcomes your development enquiries. Information about our natural environment, economy and social and cultural heritage will help guide your approach.

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Environmental considerations

There are a number of endangered ecological communities present in Eurobodalla, numerous threatened fauna and flora species, and vast areas of bushland in National Parks, State Forest and on private land.

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Natural hazards - coastal and flooding considerations

Council has a responsibility to preserve the coast for its natural beauty and the major contribution it makes to our economy and lifestyle, and to ensure resilience to the natural hazards.

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Social and cultural considerations

Eurobodalla’s community is ageing at a rate faster than the national average. We have a growing youth population but retain a lower proportion of young adults, as many leave the area following high school.

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Economic considerations

The economic strategies, reports and tools on this page provide further economic information that creates a detailed understanding of the opportunities and issues facing Eurobodalla.