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Economic considerations

Eurobodalla Shire’s economy was previously based on dairying, forestry and fishing. However, today the region's economy is far more diverse and is based on tourism, healthcare, agriculture and construction.

Whilst our local economy has been impacted by the 2019/2020 summer bushfires and COVID-19, there is also significant public infrastructure investment in the region. This long-term investment provides jobs and sustains the local economy.

Covid-19 economic outlook

The 2019/20 summer bushfires and COVID-19 will continue to have a negative impact on economic activity.

View key findings for Eurobodalla, including changes to Gross Regional Product, local jobs and employed residents.

Strategies, reports and tools

The economic strategies, reports and tools on this page provide further economic information that creates a more detailed understanding of the opportunities and issues facing Eurobodalla.

Click to load the page: Advancing Eurobodalla Economic Development Strategy 2019-2028

Advancing Eurobodalla: Economic Development Strategy 2019-28

This strategy focuses on four key priorities: industry assistance and engagement; investment attraction; workforce development; infrastructure and place enhancement.

Click to load the page: Aboriginal heritage in Eurobodalla

Economic Development and Employment Lands Strategy 2011

This strategy is a long-term plan for the delivery of business opportunities and employment in Eurobodalla, identifying potential future employment lands in the region to 2030.

Click to load the page: Population statistics and Eurobodalla's community profile

Economic statistics and Employment Land Audit

Council has undertaken an audit of land zoned for commercial or industrial develoment to find out about important changes to economic activity in Eurobodalla.

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Tourism research

We use tourism research from reliable sources to inform destination marketing and development initiatives.