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Social and cultural considerations

Eurobodalla Shire has a growing population, however this growth rate is low.

Our community is also ageing at a rate far greater than the national average.

One of the challenges facing Eurobodalla today is retaining its youth population as they develop into young adults. A large proportion of this population leave the region after completing high school.

The most common reasons for the region's youth to leave the area are to:

  1. undertake tertiary education
  2. seek greater work opportunities.

Our community is significantly influenced by tourism with a high proportion of homes vacant throughout the year used primarily as holiday homes.

The strategies and reports on this page provide local, social and cultural information that create a more detailed understanding of the opportunities and issues facing the region:

Click to load the page: Population statistics and Eurobodalla's community profile

Population statistics and Eurobodalla's community profile

Information about the local population and building approvals, which are a great resource for businesses and the general public.

Click to load the page: Positive Ageing Strategy

Positive Ageing Strategy

The Eurobodalla Positive Ageing Strategy captures the thoughts of seniors, identifies the factors that affect them and recommends actions under a range of themes for Council and others to consider.

Click to load the page: Aboriginal heritage in Eurobodalla

Culture and heritage in Eurobodalla

On this page you'll find information about heritage and cultural studies, heritage support, grants and resources, advisory committees and Eurobodalla heritage strategies and plans.

Click to load the page: Aboriginal population profile

Aboriginal population profile

Provides a snapshot of Aboriginal people in the Eurobodalla Shire, and an indication of social and economic health.