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We’re introducing new business software that will integrate and streamline Council’s ‘behind the scenes’ processes from 1 July 2019.

You won’t notice too many changes at all, but as with any new system what you might notice are some delays, particularly to DA processing. We’re doing our best to minimise any hold-ups, but we hope we can count on your patience for a month or two while our staff are busy transitioning to the new system on top of their day jobs.

As well as DAs, the new system will integrate rates, finance, payroll, asset management and more. Our customers can look forward to more online services as we bed the new system in.

Council and the NSW Government have a variety of electronic planning services available which provides you with a fast and convenient way to access planning and development information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DA tracking tool

DA tracking & Property Information Module The DA tracking tool allows online tracking of Development Applications and Construction Certificates, and contains a summary of the key milestones in the application process..

Please direct all DA related enquiries to the Development Help Desk on 4474 1231.

Property enquirer

The property enquirer allows you to determine the types of development that can be undertaken on your property, and provides information about the things you have to consider when planning your development such as bushfire and flooding risks.

GIS mapping tool

Register of DAs with variations to development standards

Development proposals need to be prepared with reference to development standards in all relevant environmental plans. The relevant plan for Eurobodalla Shire is the Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan 2012. This plan provides the zoning for each site and sets out key development standards which include building heights and minimum lot sizes.

In order to vary any of these development standards, the applicant's DA needs to address them under Clause 4.6 of the Eurobodalla Local Environmental Plan 2012. This clause gives the applicant the opportunity to demonstrate that the variation to the development standard(s) is justifiable in the specific circumstance.

Below you will find a list of Development Applications where consent has been granted with a variation to development standard SEPP1 or Clause 4.6, for the period January 2011 to June 2019:

We can help you

If you need more information, please phone our Development Help Desk: