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Step 3: preparing and lodging your Development Application

  • Complete a Development Application (DA) form and use the relevant checklist to make sure you have all of the necessary information.
  • For development that is not State significant development, a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) must accompany your Development Application. The SEE must include the following:
    • environmental impacts of the development
    • how these environmental impacts have been identified, and
    • the steps taken to protect the environment or to lessen the expected harm to the environment.
  • Council has produced this proforma of the SEE for minor applications:

    For all other applications, refer to Council's fact sheet 'Preparing a Statement of Environmental Effects':

    However, if you have a larger development, or a development with high environmental value, a site specific SEE may need to be lodged with your DA.

  • Refer to our fact sheet, 'Preparing Plans for Development Applications', for information about how to prepare your plans for lodgement with your DA and the detailed information required:

Lodge your application online

You can now lodge your DA online with our new online applications system.

Lodging online has many benefits - it's convenient and efficient, and you can pay for your application online at the time of lodgement via our safe payment gateway.

How do you lodge your application online?

Refer to our ePlanning page for detailed information about how to lodge your application online.

You will also need to complete the 'elodgement for Development Applications' form and relevant checklist.

Other ways of lodging your application

Council encourages you to lodge your application online via our new Online Applications system, however, you can also lodge your application the following ways:

  • You can lodge your DA and SEE with Council's Development Help Desk staff in person:
    • at the customer service centre, corner of Vulcan Street and Campbell Street, Moruya
    • between 8.30am and 4.30pm. Please note: ensure you arrive before 4pm so there is sufficient time to thoroughly check and lodge your application. Please make sure you have your completed application form, checklist and required copies of plans and documents with you. You will also need to pay your application fees at the time of lodgement.
  • You can email your application and SEE to Council's Development Help Desk staff:

We will send you an acknowledgement letter that includes the DA number and the name and contact details of the planner who will assess your application.

You can track the progress of your DA with our online DA Tracking Tool.

Applications and checklists

Applications and relevant checklists for the different types of development include: