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Step 4: public notification

Council's Advertising and Notification Code requires us to notify the public about some types of Development Applications, such as development that may impact neighbour views, privacy or may overshadow other properties.

We do not need to notify neighbours or the public for most residential development, such as new dwellings that fully comply with all development controls.

Where we do need to notify neighbours or the public we will do this by:

  • sending a letter and a copy of your plans to adjoining and adjacent land owners
  • publishing details of the Development Application in the local newspaper if we need to notify the public
  • making copies of plans available to be viewed via Council's website under 'Development proposals on exhibition' on our ePlanning web page
  • erecting a notice on the development site
  • including details of the Development Application on our online DA tracking tool.


During the notification period the community can give their feedback about your proposal by making a written submission to Council. The assessing officer will review any submissions and, in some cases, may ask you to consider and respond to the issues raised before your application is determined.

Submissions should be made via 'Applications on exhibition' on our ePlanning web page.

You can also view Council's Advertising and Notification Code: