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Step 6: referrals and consultation

Internal referrals

Depending on the type of development proposal, it may be necessary to seek internal advice from officers of different areas of Council, beyond the main town planning and building assessment officers, such as engineers, compliance officers, heritage consultant and environmental health officers, on various issues such as flood risk and traffic considerations.

Comments and recommendations received from these areas of Council are taken into consideration by the assessing officer before a final recommendation is made.

External referrals

With some forms of development, specific legislation requires that Development Applications must be referred to certain NSW Government departments and agencies, and that Council must take into consideration any comments received when determining the application. An example of this type of development would be a development that will produce large traffic volumes that require access to a state highway. The State Environmental Policy (Infrastructure) 2007 stipulates that Council must refer this type of application to the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) and must take into consideration any comments received.

Referral to other agencies may include the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, Rural Fire Service and the Office of Water. Any one of these agencies or external referral bodies may need further information from you. We will advise you if this applies to your Development Application.

Some developments may also require a specific approval or licence from another authority (eg, the NSW Rural Fire Service or the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage) under other legislation. This is known as integrated development and Council must refer the application to the relevant authority and seek its general terms of approval.