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Step 7: determination and notice

We will make a determination that either:

  • grants conditional approval, or
  • refuses the Development Application (DA).

We will send you a formal notice of determination (consent) advising whether your DA has been approved or refused.  Where approval is granted, a notice of consent will include conditions and a set of your submitted plans and documentation for the development that has been endorsed (ie, stamped) as being approved. Council will, where possible, email you the notice of determination and stamped approved plans.

If Council does not support your application we will let you know in writing so you can decide if you would like to provide additional information, have the application formally refused, or withdraw your application. We may be able to refund some fees for withdrawn applications.

Please note that any construction works cannot commence until you have also received a Construction Certificate.

Conditions of consent

Any approval of development (consent) will generally be subject to conditions. The notice of consent will group conditions into the following categories to assist you in determining at what stage of the development the conditions must be complied with:

  • general
  • prior to issue of the Construction Certificate
  • prior to the commencement of works
  • during construction
  • prior to the release of the Subdivision Certificate (for applications involving subdivision)
  • prior to occupation or commencement of use.